In the ages of the ages I called forth My Ishrayah as My begotten, bone of my bone and flesh of My flesh; for truly I YHVH am the only One Who can beget flesh and bone; and truly, My Daughter, this is the day when I shall raise up the dry bones as was shown to Ezekiel of old; for verily, it is the time when I AM shall restore the flesh and bones of His Ishrayah. Yea, they shall be revived by My mighty hand in the day that I call forth My sons and daughters unto My eternal purposes; for verily, I have seen the wanderings of My people, and it has grieved the heart of their Father; for they have wandered far from Me and have forsaken the great inheritance that I would bestow upon them; but My people have been stubborn and rebellious, quick to forsake My ways to serve lesser gods. Now shall I visit them, for the hour is late, and the storm comes- yea, the storm of the great YAH-YHVH Who comes to judge the world for the error of its ways. Yea, many, many, many shall perish, for they did not prepare to meet Me. They refused My prophets and scoffed at the word that I spoke through them. Many shall be sorely mistaken in this day when I come to judge the nations; for the day will be very fierce so that none will escape unless I YHVH make the way. Those who prepare to meet Me shall see My glory but those who hearkened not unto My love call to come away with Me shall perish; for truly the day hastens on when all that I have spoken shall be fulfilled even as it is written, and it shall be an amazement to My people at what I shall do in this day. Yea, it shall not be a day for the faint-hearted or the faithless; for it shall take great faith to make it through the day of My visitation, when the earth shall tremble, and the skies become dark, and verily the earth itself convulses. Yea, I shall descend from heaven with a shout and declare My judgment upon a perverse generation that has filled the earth. Yea, woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth, when I YHVH pass over the face of the earth to pour out My wrath. Yea, can the Almighty be angry? Yes! He is jealous for His Ishrayah and He will do whatever it takes to deliver His righteous remnant; for in the days of Noah, a few were spared, and so shall it be in this day. Only a few shall make it through the fire. Only a few shall not be burned even as in the days of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. These survived a fiery trial, and so shall only a few survive the fiery trial in this day’ for I say of a truth, there shall be great fires and burning such as has never been before on the face of this earth; for I YHVH must destroy all evil lest the destroyers consume My Ishrayah; and I say of a truth, it is a battle unto the finish, and who shall finish first? Who will win? I say, there are great victories ahead for those who are willing to trust Me and obey My word. Yea, there is great deliverance for those who prepare to meet Me in the day of My coming, but it will take great strength of heart, body, soul, spirit, and mind to make it through; for many will believe a lie and be deceived in order to take the easy way out; but the faithful who walk with Me will not be deceived, for I shall give them eyes to see and ears to hear; and they shall hear the voice of their Bridegroom saying, Come forth into My Chambers, come forth and rest awhile until the day of My indignation is overpassed; and truly these whom I draw to come forth are My begotten whom I shall beget of My eternal substance- the I AM THAT I AM calling forth His sons and daughters unto His eternal glory; for truly, My daughters, I shall restore My family, and they shall be one in My as it was in the beginning; and I shall gather them together as My jewels that I have hidden in the earth for such a day as this and such a time as this when the Son of Adam comes to judge the world in righteousness. Yea, My people must hasten to prepare to meet Me, for the hour of My coming approaches, and who shall abide the day of My coming and who shall stand before Me? Yea, I call forth a people to love and serve Me- to return to Me with all their hearts, for I am a jealous YAH and will have no other gods before Me. Yea, a double- minded man cannot serve Me. Therefore, be circumcised, O Ishrayah, and serve Me only! Yea, turn to Me before it is too late. Seek Me while I may be found for soon comes the day when the door of this dispensation shall be shut, and there will no longer be room for repentance. Yea, heed My warning and turn to Me, while there is yet time. To those who are willing to give up all for My sake shall be given the power to overcome and inherit My kingdom in this age. Yea, the times of YHVH are in the earth, and they weigh heavily upon the just and the unjust. Yea, many great kingdoms shall soon fall and great calamity fill the earth. Yea, Prepare, My people, prepare for the hour is late!


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