The Dawning of YHVH’s Eternal Day

The dawning of YHVH’s eternal day has arrived
When I shall begin a new work to deliver My own;
Yea, I come in the power of My Eternal Spirit
To heal and redeem My elect, chosen Ones.

Great new healings and powers I now release
Unto My precious Ones, called unto this day;
So stand fast in great love and faith through the struggles
As you see the total collapse of Babylon now;

The powers of darkness will be shaken as I do My greater work
That is hidden from the world but revealed unto My own;
The dawning of My Eden is eclipsed from the world’s view-
Many see not the work that I AM now do.

Be strong and courageous, for I YHVH am your strength-
Let My joy descend, overflowing to fill your house,
For these vessels of Mine, My living epistles on earth
Are being fully released from the shackles of death;

This battle for your lives has been very great
As the satans of the earth seek your demise,
So as you see and feel My strength and My power,
Rise up and go forth, for I am mightily with you;

Ask of Me your great needs and see My hand move for you
As you continue in victory all evil to overcome;
I have a spearhead company, chosen to fulfill
My greater works on this earth to glorify My name;

This band I have knit as one in Yahshua Messiah Prince
Shall work with Him throughout all eternity;
As the greater shakings occur, stand strong in Messiah
And speak His living word, for I will honor it;

Never be caught in the adversary’s lies,
But dare as Daniel to walk fully with YHVH;
I am strengthening and healing your bodies this day-
Rejoice that I am your Redeemer Who keeps you;

There are many evils yet that must be put down,
So stay on the battle field as I fight for you;
As I was with Joshua of old and defeated their every foe-
Yea, great enemies, giants, all aligned against them.

Remember My word, My covenant promises unto you
Who are My elect, My Beloved Ishrayah;
The time of tribulation shall be brief in light of all eternity
When in deep peace and rest you shall abide in Me;

The battles shall be won by My Spirit alone,
No weapons of man shall tear down Babylon’s walls;
The seed of the satans have gained vast control
Over My promised land, My new JerUSAlem.

So as you fight on the battlefield remember
It is I Who brings great victories, My Beloved;
Never falter or wonder, for I am your Beloved Father of lights
Who neither slumbers or sleeps during the fight;

See My jewels rare how I have prepared you to stand
As a strong iron bar to wholly fulfill My plan;
Look unto your Messiah, the Comforter, Whom I gave you
To teach and guide you in all that I ask of you;

See how the adversary is rushing forth like a flood
To destroy My chosen race from off of the earth;
My people are quick to submit to the adversary’s wiles,
Including vaccinations that poison and kill;

These injections are like the bite of a deadly viper,
Yet My people know not the harm that they do;
They love to serve the sorcerers of the pharmaceutical world
Who make great wealth with their poisonous brews;

Truly My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,
Serving gods of the flesh and lusts of the eyes;
My Beloved, I will remove great hordes of evil in this day,
So, Rejoice, for I will mightily take care of you;

Though changes throughout the earth shall be powerful and great,
I will lead and protect you in victory, I say;
Truly the old lusts of the flesh and the pride of life
Are a very great part of My Ishrayah’s woes;

Since many of My own now serve pagan gods
Who cannot see or hear nor can they help them now;
Time is short and only a minute remnant will repent
And be set free from the error of their ways;

Weep not for all whom I remove, for they made their choice
To forsake their YHVH and serve other gods;
The sin of sodomy has spread throughout whole the earth-
Greater even than in the time of Sodom of old;

Very few shall be delivered, for they refused My warning
To repent and be healed before it is too late;
Most people choose to live life in their own way,
Being caught up in sensuality and material wealth;

But My own seek to obey My voice and do My will
To walk forth in their Messiah and follow His ways;
Mother Jerusalem from above is their wisdom and all
As She guides them with Her everlasting love and light;

Be ever watchful this day as I move mountains for you,
Praise Me, for I bring forth great victories for you;
These are My eternal days to succor and tabernacle in My own-
My life-quickening Spirit, My word made flesh in them;

I have sent battalions of My messengers to fight for you now
As into My higher courts of love I bring you;
Come apart from the crowd, tarry now in My bosom,
I am your I AM Who nurtures and cares for you;

The wedding banquet that I have prepared as you rest in Me
Shall be most glorious as you overcome all things;
My Eden on earth I am moving greatly to restore,
Bringing My peace on earth and new eternal rest;

The rest of YHVH is most powerful to heal
All who are battle-scarred and worn down;
So as I move, abide fully in your I AM
Who shall indwell and inhabit His called-out ones;

I have called you apart to learn My eternal plans,
So tarry, My Beloved, in My rest and My love;
The day of your release now shall be very great
To the tearing down of strongholds to set you free;

Enjoy this day, for I indeed shall totally remove all evil;
I am your Shepherd King of the house of Ishrayah;
Therefore know of a truth, My precious jewels rare,
That I am the crown of glory that I shall impart to you;

A covering of light from your Father above
Which will be your protection from all your foes;
The time clock of eternity is nearly run out,
For this old order that has long ruled in the earth;

Therefore rejoice in My words given unto you, My Beloved ones,
My daughters and sons joined to fulfill eternity’s work;
Praise Me much as you journey forth this day,
For My work is most important and requires haste, I say;

Look not at the problems but to the One Who is sovereign over all
And puts down all the forces of evil that seek to destroy;
Their power was broken many years ago
At Calvary’s Hill when Yahshua, My sacrifice,
Made a way for My own!


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