The life that constantly abides

Beneath the Master's breast,

Knowing and seeking His earnest and prefect will

Enjoys complete happiness in Yahshua;

What a privilege Divine!

This peace and rest in Him

Gives grace to go over the mountains,

Granting victory to the faithful few

Who are willing to pay the cost;

These shall see satan defeated

And put under Yahshua's feet!

Yahshua, lead, guide, and live mightily through us!

Let us forsake all self, being crucified to Yah's way,

Making us warriors triumphant

Through the cross of Messiah our King!

There is no battle too big for my Master!

He is the one who wins them all-

Only a vessel broken and yielded

Knows the power of His mighty hand!

Oh, Yahshua, keep us ever willing

Thine own bondslave to be,

Knowing no will but Thy will:

No path but thine alone!

May my eyes be only for Thee, Yahshua-

With a broken and contrite spirit:

A provided to make me

Know more of the path He trod!

Great grace in the midst of trial

Is promised to all who obey,

By the wooing of Yah's holy Spirit,

That beckons each step of the way;

There's no other way to follow, little one,

Than the one He walked for us:

A pathway of thorns and crosses,

Heartaches, rejection, and loss;

All things we hold most precious,

Must be nailed to Calvary's cross!

Continually conform to His will,

Bringing us to a resting place in Him!

One day we'll reign with our Savior,

Ever more in His presence we'll dwell!