Alone with Him in the garden-

So weary and toilsome the road-

Divine substance is imparted to us

As we partake of the sufferings and shame He bore;

Heavenly angels rejoice in this day

As we feast and fellowship at Yahshua's feet,

Teaching us, filling us, compelling us

To make Yahweh's will our meat;

This Master, Blessed and Glorious is He,

Inworks His Divine substance and image in us;

The gift of Yah's love herein is wrought!

Beyond crucifixion we walk with the Master,

Ever learning the steps that He took:

Leading and perfecting us in His image:

His pattern we desire to be!

Only through a life of suffering

Can we envision the Spirit-led life:

As we cast our all in utter dependence on Him!

When we yield our minds and wills fully to Yahshua;

This road becomes a blessed, joyous road

That leads us ever closer to Him!

"Fear not, dear one, the road you take:

It's all a part of My Father's wondrous plan:

The pattern revealed to you at Calvary's Mount

Shall fully open as I pave the way!

Sit and continually learn at My nail-scarred feet!

Yea, My child, the way, it is not long:

I've walked it long in love before you!

Great victory comes after each new trial:

This is My promise to all who obey!

So, be not weary in well-doing,

As in obedience you follow Me!

I, alone, am the Master weaver

Who sees your vessel in full array-

Endued with the gifts of the holy Spirit

And empowered with My strength from on high!

Yea, My gifts are given so freely

To the ones who are yielded to My will:

So go forth in praise and rejoicing-

The victory is yours as you shout, 'Glory!', along the way!

Be not weary nor discouraged

At My means of perfecting you!

Great blessings are in store for the sold-out ones

Who have taken the rejected and crucified way;

There's great peace in the midst of the valley

And My peace in the midst of the storm;

Yea, hold fast, your every need I'll supply!

Every heart I'll mold to do My will!

Am I not the Master designer,

Joining My obedient vessels to My Chief Cornerstone!

Truly there is a place for everyone

In this building not made with hands!

Find your place; be obedient to the task,

As Eternity's gates are in full view!

Keep your eyes on the One who is leading,

For the race is drawing near to its end!

Hold fast the position Messiah has given you,

Lest your feet stumble along the way!

The enemy of your soul is out to destroy

Those chosen and called apart unto Him;

The victory is ever near, My friend:

Be steadfast and hold firm to the end:

There are many blessings received in great trials

That others shall not enter in!

So, chosen one, fear not the battles!

Keep eternity's door in full view;

Was I not a man of sorrows?

Grief filled the footsteps I did take!

Therefore, My child, press ever onward:

And walk the way that I trod!