June 28, 1986/2:25AM/Lily

Upon the shores of America Yah spread His amazing grace;
He called forth a nation to serve Him,
To walk humbly with their Yah.
He called forth those who desired liberty
To come into the purpose of His divine will.
He poured out His love on the lost seed of Israel-
To the ones who are loyal to the cause of Messiah,
Yahweh shall quicken in His day;
His grace He shed forth upon those early founders
Of this great and mighty nation called America.
They set up this land by the leading of Yahweh,
Where they came to dwell and have liberty in Me.
The foundation was firmly laid in the earth
Where they desired to establish a righteous government.
They wrote the Declaration of Independence,
The Constitution of the United States to stand-
One nation under Yahweh's Divine Hand.
The foundation was set and firmly laid;
The purposes of freedom and liberty
Were to be for those forefathers given-
A righteous and a set-apart land
Where Yahweh could rule His people supreme.
They taught the principles of My Holy Word,
Where My people prayed for guidance and light,
Looking unto Yahshua Messiah for their Divine Destiny-
One nation under Yahweh, My New Israel.
JerUSAlem, the Promised Land, is given
To a people He has called to obtain
A life through Yahshua Messiah, the Way,
In a country where His name might be magnified.
The Bill of Rights was given unto them,
Bringing forth to them a way of life;
For as this nation was founded upon Yahweh,
His divine eye was constantly upon them.
They had a principle taight by My Word
Which would guide them into all truth;
They sought for a plan of Yahweh to be set up
That would establish His new order in the earth;
They carried forth the Israel signs in abundance,
Leaving their footprints for My chosen ones.
Their inheritance was promised so long ago
When I led them to this new land, America;
America the beautiful, I called you unto Me-
Yahweh, your Creator, has blessed you so!
The clarion call comes forth once again,
Calling America to repent and come back to Me!
My people have fled from My Holy Word,
Defiling My ways, lusting after the world;
They grew and prospered and multiplied,
But further and further they went from Me.
The morals of My people degenerated,
As further into sin and despair they fell;
They lusted after other gods and material things,
'Til in their lives they had no room for Me.
Further and further they walked afar off,
Having a form of godliness in this day;
And these denied I am the mighty, powerful Elohim
Who had called and led them into this day.
The prosperity of My nation America flourished for a season,
Until degradation and sin overcame the land-
This nation continued to rebel and forsake Me.
I've called and wooed and spoken to many-
To a people of an unregenerate heart;
They love the ways of the world of sin,
Not regarding of sin would be.
Death entered the shores of My Promised Land,
As darkness swept over their hearts and minds;
Evil forces intent to remove My name from its shores,
Having been forceful, conspiring to destroy My liberty.
Corruption operates from the highest places in the land-
My people are a most rebellious lot;
They sell their souls for money and favor,
Not realizing one day they will answer to Me.
The morals of My nation continue to decay,
As prayer was removed from the schools;
They stripped the schoolbooks of our spiritual foundation,
Upon Yahshua Messiah, the Calvary Lamb slain.
The adversary seeks to fully overrun
This land of America, I say:
It is time for revival in America-
Where the Holy Ghost shall deliver My own.
Where are the spiritual leaders
Who dare to make a firm stand,
Who shall use the Bible in power
To establish righteous judgment in the land?
Where are the Christians who dare to stand
As Daniel in the lion's den?
My people are not willing to take a stand
And clean up their lives- My Word to fulfill.
Let there be an awakening in America, this great land,
Before it comes under a totalitarian rule;
Let there be a David, who will stand against the Goliath
Of sin and immorality in our fair land.
Let My people put on the righteousness of Messiah
And let His holiness within them forever dwell;
Let them speak with Holy ghost boldness
While there is time to reclaim our land.
May these pleasure-seekers find conviction
And Holy Ghost repentance to deliver them;
Let those held captive to the adversary's power
Seek out their help in Yahshua Messiah;
There is no other way for our America
To be spared in Yahweh's judgment day.
Unless those who are the called and chosen
Seek His guidance and what to do.
May the people who love this country
Harken now to His clarion call-
Arise and take arms, fast now, and pray;
Then move forward by His command to do His will.
America, America, Yah shed His grace on thee,
Walk in My Light and My Truth in this day-
My Holy Word to fully proclaim.
Walk by the Holy Spirit's direction, My Beloved ones.
This is true liberty: Serving Messiah in love and obedience,
Walking in His Light and Truth unto My New Creation Day.

If My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14, Amplified

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennslyvania