Are you an ark prepared by YHVH?
It will happen in that day, that his burden will depart from off your shoulder,
and his yoke from off your neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing oil. -Isaiah 10:27

Behold, this is My Day; for I am even now preparing ‘living
arks’ who are called and ordained to do the task of ushering
in My Kingdom. These arks are the mortal structure that will
house My Anointed One, even Yahshua Messiah. Yea, these
chosen vessels will manifest the likeness and similitude of I
AM. Messiah shall become the indwelt manifestation in these
arks called tabernacles, and they shall become the viable
living substance that will radiate MY LIFE and bring
deliverance to many!

I am about to reveal MYSELF through these arks to an
unregenerate world. Yea, every eye shall see and every
tongue shall confess that the indwelt Son of YHVH has
again come forth to tabernacle with man, housed in a
body of flesh once again in an ark prepared for Him.

My own army of anointed ones I have been preparing,
and they shall bear in their physical bodies the image
and full AUTHORITY of My Son, carrying My rod in
their hands that is triggered by the power of My engrafted
word. They shall be sealed in the eye of the mind that they
might overcome the flesh, the devil, and all death as true
light bearers, relinquishing all forms of sensuality and
darkness. Knowing the immediacy of the times, they shall
recognize their calling even as Noah who was faithful to
go forth despite fierce rejection and opposition for the
saving of his household. Noah counted not the cost, for
he determined to become the POWER OF I AM manifest
in flesh. Yea, I AM becomes within His own such LOVE,
such FORCE that all shall be compelled to recognize HIM.
Many shall still turn away, but YHVH, shall raise up these
arks and bring unto HIMSELF His Ishrayah. They will
recognize their promised deliverance which will allow
them to break free from the curse of sin and death that
they might receive eonian life.

These arks have allowed the Spirit of life and light to
permeate their minds, absorbing in their brain cells the
WORDS of the FATHER even as a sponge absorbs and
can carry many times its natural weight. The LIVING
manifest in these chosen and called. Greater works shall
they do than Yahshua as they hearken and obey the voice
of I AM. The WORD once again shall become flesh,
manifesting to deliver all creation which groans in travail
as it seeks release from the bondage of carnality and

Yea and behold, how great is the working of My Spirit
as I rain down upon the dry ground of the carnal nature
and cause LIFE to spring forth. I mature My daughters
and sons with the fiery substance of My righteous WORD
that MY LIFE might produce in them the fruit of I AM.
Yea, I blow gently the winds of My Spirit across their
earth into the innermost confines of their minds. Yea,
I stir up strife and compel the wayward to return to Me
from Whom springs the FOUNTAIN OF LIFE.

My people discern not the times, the seasons nor the
nearness of the day, when I shall set up My righteous
kingdom in the earth. Therefore I must by drastic means
stir up that seed of life that lies dormant in MY OWN
that their ark maybe prepared; for soon I come quickly
into MY ARK to accomplish the fulfillment of MY WORD!
Yea, and behold, I come quickly! Hearken wisely to the
words of My Spirit, for in them is LIFE and in them is
LIGHT to brighten your way and lead you into this
NEW DAY that has already come upon the earth.

This DAY I call many to repent and be converted to
become MY ARK that I may use them as SAVIORS AND
Yea, I AM shall gather and draw back unto HIMSELF
those whom He has ordained to INHERIT EONIAN LIFE!

But the eyes of YHVH are on those who fear him,
on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.
- Psalm 33:18


September 1979- Lily


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