The Awakening Storm
July 1, 1986/2:12AM/Lily

The trials surround, the enemy pounds
Upon America's shores this day;
The trumpet has sounded loud and long, awaiting Yahweh's army to arise.
The torrential rains of Yahweh's judgment come forth
To a land that has forsaken His Word of Truth;
There have been warnings given; My people heed not-
The day ushers forth to an America unaware;
My people have become self-reliant in their ways,
Not knowing the day in which they live.
There are forces and powers seeking to destroy America's shores,
While My people love pleasure and seek their own ways;
Many seekers of truth are now coming forth,
But their hearts' desires are not pure before Me;
the few whom I've called must hasten on
Into My full repose, where they'll be kept from all harm;
The situation that prevails is a most treacherous one,
With many, many in America not prepared to meet Me.
Coming forth in the light of day, I bring the faithful few
Whom I, Myself, have 'caught up' in My Spirit unto Me.
the ones whom I have caused to walk in My Light,
Despising the evil and the darkness of this day-
To the ones whom I bring forth now, guided by Yahweh's Hand,
To become soldiers and bondservants for Me-
They shall be anchored in the rock of Eternal Destiny,
Abiding in peace, throughout this long night.
The dawning of Eternity, which is breaking forth this day,
Is the substance of Yahweh which shall protect My own;
Many now shall become set free in Yahshua,
whom I shall appoint unto My Kingdom in My Promised Land;
But many, many, shall I remove from these shores,
Who continually refuse and deny My Word.
A great sifting there shall be of My wheat and the chaff-
A work which is already begun in the earth;
The tribulation days grow darker and darker-
America is going into a steady decline.
There are many who shall fail; for great fear and terror
Shall prevail and multiply on America's Shores;
A celebration of the fourth of July shall be
A release of My judgment on America that I have ordained.
My path of judgment I shall use to humble this great nation
And bow down the wills and hearts of My people;
As I continue to beckon and call unto My own,
They continue to go to and fro, not heeding My word.
There are strong ramparts and fortifications I build in hidden places
where in this day of upheaval I shall protect My own;
Many shall I scatter who will then run to and fro,
Looking for help- blind leaders of the blind;
My Truth shall be hidden in very remote places
Where My scattered sheep I shall bring unto Me.
Turmoil shall quickly come forth in the earth,
As strangers shall upturn cities in My Fair Land;
There shall be nothing but broken forces of power to help America
When the blast of Yahweh's nostrils comes to chasten His own.
I have called a people in America to come unto Me
That I might lead and guide them in this day,
But My Name, I say, they have desecrated-
The system of man has built a social sanctuary
Where they come to carry out their sensual ways.
They made laws and standards that are not of Me-
A place where they could satisfy their soulish desires;
Man became the celebrated head of the church
And there was no place left in their hearts for Me.
Their clubs became meeting places to fulfill
All their sinful and adulterous ways;
Corruption became rampant, with with sin abounding
In this Beloved Country I call, America.
In this day, those whom Yahweh loves, He chastens-
He is calling this nation to repent and turn back unto Him;
He desires to bring forth in America His purposes for Eternity,
Yet His people are filled with iniquity and are unclean;
He has those faithful ones who love Him,
Who have not sold out their lives to sin-
These carry His Word and harken to do His will;
And this is the day when I, Yahweh, lead them forth.
My own I take into further hiding in this day,
I shall allow none who prefer the wages of sin and death
To dwell in My Love and Peace and Rest.
The disobedient shall dwell in darkness this day,
Since they are not willing to harken unto My word;
These have been spoken to most directly by Me,
But they, in their rebellion, turn further away from Me;
Some of these I shall redeem, but a most precious few-
For all are not willing to hearken unto Me.
There shall be warfare and great open rebellion
In the cities of America very soon;
The righteous, My own, I shall care for and redeem,
Bringing them forth into My New Creation, I say;
The powers of darkness which are so strong
Shall have no power over My sanctified ones.
The world at large shall see great destruction,
As in the hearts of the cities, I release My woes;
The Kingdom of Yahweh I shall usher in
In My own prepared vessels of My choice;
For these of My own have hearkened unto My word
And have cast off all carnality that keeps them from Me.
Be anhcoured in Yahshua, be watchful and pray
That in this day you enter not into temptation,
As Yahshua prayed for His own disciples
In Gethsemane on that special day;
It is the dark hour now for this creation;
I am moving to bring My judgments forth:
The release of all My vials of wrath
Now descends to awaken America-
Will she repent?