3/31/99 11:17PM/Lily

The sleeping giant of Yahweh's people is beginning to awaken and return back unto Me. I have a people who've been lost in wages of sin and death, back-slidden , and totally separated from Me. Sin and corruption has filled our land, while Yahweh's own were caring not what happened in our fair land. A cry for repentance has been sent out to those can hear and come back unto Me. I have My own who have fasted and prayed, doing deep intercession and travail, for this My fair land. So truly I say, the die is cast. Will America repent or will she die? Truly there is no other way for My judgment in full to be stayed. There shall be some very hard days ahead for those who have not harkened unto My Word, to turn My Israel and repent. There is only a minuet remnant who have harkened unto My Word. The others are in a state of compromise, putting themselve in a place to receive My final woes. There shall be none who shall survive this day, save those who hasten and repent and turn back unto Me. Truly I do have a remnant who have harkened unto My Word, "Prepare to meet your Elohim." It's a day when I shall test the metal in My own, to see if they really know and trust My Son, Yahshua. Are they ready for what now comes on the earth or shall they be unprepared to stand in this, My judgment day? All who've judged themselves in light of My Word and turned themselves wholly unto Yahshua and harkened to My will shall I preserve. These only shall be able to stand and endure the great and final tribulation coming soon on this land. Those who have refused My Word shall suddenly be caught unaware, as it was in Noah's day. I say, unto My own, this is truly the day to hide in Yahshua, the Rock, until My day of indignation be clean overpassed. My own I shall surely keep and protect in this soon-coming day of violent storm. There shall very swiftly arise a great durth upon this fair land that shall far surpass any judgment previously I have allowed. This storm shall begin with a very great uproar, as My people awaken to My cry unto them, "Repent!" Jobs so soon shall be scarce, and My people shall be unable to make a way to live. Many, oh so many, shall lose all they have, having refused to listen and repent and prepare themselves for this day. The cataclysmic power of I AM shall soon upturn the hope of many in this land. My people have worshiped the gods of silver and gold, gods of self-desire, and self-will. These shall be truly wanting in this day, as I unsettle their world where self-rule has reigned. These shall have none to guide them and supply all their needs. Yea, I say to these, it shall be "Woe, woe, woe; I am undone!" Oh, such a day that none would look for; but to those whom I have taught and prepared, I shall be their Savior, Redeemer, and Friend. Yea, I shall keep them in this last great day. My own whom I have prepared shall do great exploits in this day, having been born of My Spirit. They are bone of My bone and flesh of My flesh. Many, I say, shall be amazed when I raise up My own who have been ridiculed and despised. There are no powers that shall stop My own, as My anointings fall, and they shall move forth fulfilling My will. Wondrous shall be the great works that I shall do on the earth in the remnant that I have called forth to fully obey My will. Truly these persecuted and tried ones shall be mightily used as the ensigns I have in all the earth. In these days there shall be a few who shall harken and wholly repent; and these shall know Me as their Savior and Deliverer in this day. No others shall know the power of My love that is given unto all who repent and come forth the Lamb's way. Yea, I say, I have those for whom I will mightily move, proving My total faithfulness unto them during this terrible day. To My own, I say, "Look up! This soon shall be your resurrection day! Be stedfast with all perseverance, for I alone shall be able to take you through this last great day! I am with you to keep you. I love you, your Father Yahweh."