Awakening in abounding light and glory,
I lead My own forth in this, My day;
The pathway unto them shall be opened
As My word is established in My remnant few.

The releases that My Ishrayah need just now,
I say, I shall make a way this day
That according to My promises, I shall provide-
As My will is sought, it shall be so.

There are great and powerful turbulent waters,
For many seek to destroy My righteous seed;
My own must stand upon My word, for it is the power
That will keep them in this dark, terrible day.

By My Spirit, My Ishrayah will walk in My light
Though travelling through a dark, evil world;
The foes of one’s household is formidable, I say,
For they are determined to stop My work.

Hold fast and be steady, for I AM is surely with you,
I shall guide My Ishrayah minutely this day,
For naught shall stop the fulfillment of My plan
Of ushering forth My kingdom in the earth.

Beloved, keep your Spirit finely tuned to My word
And be strong in all that I ask you to do,
For I AM is your strength and portion, I say,
To keep you in this dark, turbulent day.

Allow nothing to deter or distract you
From the work that I AM would have you do;
Let My word radiate from your heart throne,
Where I AM abides in the midst of you.

Encourage My people that I alone am the way
Into eternity and immortal life;
Tell them to keep their eye single unto Me,
For in the time of need, I shall protect them.

There is a pathway where none can walk
Save the elect whom I have prepared to go;
For in this walk it is only the faithful and true
Who shall know of My love and keeping power.

The powers of darkness hang heavy in the earth
That work through the uncircumcised heart and mind;
But to My own, I will warn them of these devices
And in My word I will teach them to abide.

Look not to the ways of man this day,
For carnal man knows not the way of YAH;
I set My own apart to learn deeply of Me
That they might teach others in this day.

I will deal with those who resist the truth of My word
And show to them the error of their ways;
Yea, many are yet unwilling to hearken
And surely time is running out for them, I say.

Keep walking by faith and offering Me praise,
For doing so forces the adversary to flee;
Your enemies can not tolerate My word, I say,
And as you worship Me, I will fight for you!

Yea, your prayers ascend like sweet incense before Me
As the highest form of adoration, I say;
My ears are attentive to your cries
And My messengers move to bring releases to you.

Much that I have promised I shall soon bring forth,
For I know your every need this day;
I am not slack concerning My promises,
So hold fast, for Michael fights for you.

There shall be long-awaited breakthroughs soon,
For I decree by My word that it is so;
So continue to know, My Beloved, that I am yours
Who in this day calls you forth as His own.


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