Be thou steadfast, for I am with you
As into eternity’s view you now behold;
I am your Almighty YHVH
Who leads and brings you through.

Be steadfast in all tests that come your way
As they pound with pressures severe,
For as I allow these greater pressures,
They will do a deep work in you.

Be thou jubilant, for this necessary processing
Is essential for your transformation, I say.
For by these tests and deep, inner strippings
All your old, carnal self is being removed.

So as I allow tests and trials to surround,
Be joyful, for I bring you one step closer
To the fullness of your RECTIFICATION in Me
Which is being wrought by My mighty hand.

It is a process of such cutting and peeling
That most would not want to endure,
For I bring you into a whole, new release of old things
That are hidden and buried within you.

An upheaval of the mind is necessary
For My cutting process to be complete
That the stones of darkness might be removed
And the LIGHT SUBSTANCE of I AM shine through.

This is a fiery and rugged process
That unveils the seed of Messiah within
Which GENERATES and INFILLS the recesses
Of your entire heart, mind, and will.

A new heart and mind cannot come forth
Without first a removal of all
The carnal nature that lies in wait
As a snare to destroy you.

So by this process, though painful it is,
Be encouraged, for soon it shall pass
Burns out the seat of death in you.


Photo shown: Summer Sky, Lake Wesserunsett, East Madison, Maine 2015


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