The Beginning of the End?

At the time of this writing, results of the presidential election are fast turning into a madness that could well trigger a national emergency. For those who are seasoned watchmen, a national crisis has been long-anticipated as the mechanism that will ultimately bring about the final surrender of America to the new world order. Whereas it is an historic fact that the Republic of America died many years ago, the average citizen of this country is unaware that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are no longer the law of the land. In short, our country as designed by our forefathers no longer exists. There are those who submit that there has not been an honest election in America for at least thirty years. It would seem that wide-spread voter fraud is not limited to third world countries, and if the truth be known, voter fraud has not only been alive and well in America for many years, but it is also a well-crafted tool of the globalist elite who continue to maneuver the affairs of this country to benefit their own purposes. It could be said that America’s present election impasse has all the trappings of a sinister plan designed to destroy the last remnants of our constitutional republic, namely our election process. The battle for the presidency may indeed prove to be a well-orchestrated crisis that leads to the ultimate demise of this country and the end of the free world as we know it.

In light of battle for the White House, I would like to share a dream that was given to me, since it may have some bearing on the election. This dream occurred early on the morning of 6 April 1999: We were on a tour of the White House. The House was not as it is now. We went outside and there was an open, flat-bed carriage resembling an early western-style wagon. On the carriage were dummies of Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were dressed in wedding attire. Hillary’s wedding bouquets were very disheveled. We tried to fix them up. We then left to visit other places in the city. When we came back, Hillary, Bill, and Chelsey were sitting in the same flat-bed style wagon, wearing their same wedding outfits only this time they were real life, not dummies. They were smiling and talking. We left again and when we came back, the wagon was in two parts. The Clintons were on one part and the Gores along with other people were on another part. The Clinton part was all burned up. There are those who, in spiritual wisdom, interpret weddings as funerals and funerals as weddings. If this is true, then this dream might well be a portend of events to come, namely the death of the Clintons and their regime. Whether the Clintons succumb to a fiery, physical death or are simply removed from the White House by YHVH’s hand of judgment we do not know. However, we do know the Clintons will answer to YHVH for their deeds. It is possible that designs have been made to keep Clinton in office, citing national stability/security as the issue, since the presidential election is hotly undecided. Major news networks are already conditioning the American public to a Clinton stay in the White House, and we would not be surprised if this happened. However, that in my dream Gore and others remained on the wagon, seems to indicate that at some point Clinton will be removed and Gore will assume the presidency. Only time will tell.

No matter how YHVH chooses to bring this nation to its knees, we know His judgment hand will bring about a time of tribulation such as this country has never seen. With the present presidential election upheaval, we may well be seeing the beginning of the end for America as we have known it.

Another factor that could greatly contribute to the downfall and destruction on a vast scale in America and other nations of world concerns a comet or asteroid impact. There is valid scientific and non-scientific evidence to support the possible collision of a comet or asteroid mass with the earth. During the last few years, news reports, Hollywood scripts as well as T.V. ads have exploited such scenarios that may be more fact than fiction. The truth is that comet monitoring has been an on-going project over the years, involving such notables as NASA. For political reasons, this monitoring has been a well-kept secret. The average American does not realize the present, real threat of a possible, if not highly probable, comet impact as early as this spring. That such an event could occur sounds incredible to most; however, ancient historical records prove that a comets have impacted the earth more than once. A comet hit Egypt when the Israelites were being held unmercifully under Pharaoh’s hold. Undoubtably this was YHVH’s hand of judgment to bring Venus, then a comet, close enough to allow its tail to sweep the earth's atmosphere. This brush of fiery debris would have been a terrorizing event. YHVH could once again use a comet impact to bring judgment upon the earth. Nothing would surprise us, since we know YHVH will bring great destruction upon the world for its gross sins. He does not need nuclear bombs or conventional war machinery of man to wreck havoc in the world. With one sweep of His hand, He is well able to terrorize and destroy whole nations that do wickedly. Thus we encourage you to keep a watchful eye toward the sky and search out the following websites in order to gain a better understanding of what is happening in the heavens:; For an inspiring message about Venus’ impact on earth during Israel’s captivity in Egypt, listen to Dr. Wesley Swift’s sermon, ‘The Shaking Earth" on-line here.

In closing, it is noteworthy to add that a few weeks ago Lily had a vision of two men in gas masks. If this vision is an indication of what is soon to come (as her visions are known to be), then we are heading for some turbulent days. Truly we are living on the precipice of war, and it will only be a matter of time before the trigger- or triggers- go off. With the Mid-East heating up daily between the Israelis and Palestinians, Russian fighter planes staging 'mock' assaults on our aircraft carriers, and the Chinese rapidly gobbling up strategic real estate around the globe, world war is more than just a probability. A few months ago YHVH spoke 'April' to me. Perhaps we will see events climax at Passover. We therefore remain vigilant and sober, knowing the days are evil and few take the times seriously. When the American economy falls and political anarchy fills the streets, it will be too late to prepare against this day. May YHVH help each of us to heed the Spirit's call while there is yet time.- Mary/ 11-18-00