Behold the Day Cometh

Behold, My Beloved, the day of YHVH comes
When all wickedness and evil shall be removed;
Messiah Prince shall rule and reign on this earth
As king of Salem, bringing peace to the land.

The rest of YAH-YHVH shall become most glorious
As I come to take up my abode in My own;
I shall restore all the landmarks of Ishryah,
Establishing My righteous works in all the earth!

My people who've been called to walk with Messiah
Shall become His king-priests in this day;
These of the order of Melchizedek with Messiah their Head
Shall dwell in My life, light, and truth- My kingdom restored unto them!

It is a day to shout and sing aloud, My Beloved,
For Mine elect are seated with Me in My kingdom
To rule and reign with Messiah without end
As that peculiar people who are born of My Spirit of Life.

Walk forward in these times of great distress and evil-
Press onward and look unto Messiah who overcame all,
Tearing down the strongholds and forces of darknesss fierce;
Yea, Messiah your Prince fights and takes care of you.

Be encouraged in this day as I YHVH move for you-
The time is short, when I shall wholly deliver My own
Out of all that could hinder or harm,
For I'll remove all darkness and evil in this day.

Be strong in YHVH, for I will truly keep you,
Leading you by My Spirit to fulfill your call;
I'll protect you in this end-of-the-age battle
When I forever destroy all unrighteousness in the earth!

Look up unto Messiah and let His Spirit keep you
As unto the eternities you walk forth with My Lamb;
Never waiver or doubt, but stand fast on My word,
Allowing My word to be a road map unto you.

I have ways to protect you, hidden in your Beloved,
Walking in the light with Yahshua your Messiah;
Come forth into His confines, where He'll nourish you
In the bosom of El Shaddai, your Comforter come.

My army is the remnant I YHVH have prepared
To walk in My light and immortality;
Hold fast, My Beloved and chosen ones,
For I shall keep you in this last, great day!

A new day breaks forth on the mountains of Ishrayah,
When I move in great power to heal and restore My own;
Rise up, My Beloved, in earnest expectation,
Knowing that I AM THAT I AM has called you unto this day!

Never fear what lies ahead for the rebellious,
For I shall deal with those who reject My word;
These never thought I would come and consume them,
For they loved the ways of the world and not Me.

Keep your eyes steadfastly upon your Beloved Messiah,
For He will guide you through this dark, evil day;
I AM has given you My promise and direction
As into eternity I fulfill My eonian plan in you.

There are many I'll remove suddenly in a day
To prove My faithfulness unto My righteous seed;
Rise up and rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh,
When into My kingdom you'll walk with Me.

There shall be no evil, no tares in My kingdom-
Only My obedient ones who live and obey Me shall enter in;
Be encouraged, therefore, is My word to you now,
I will never fail you as I, your Shepherd, lead the way!


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