Blessed Times of YHVH

Blessed times of YHVH
Are very swiftly descending upon the earth,
When the power of the Ever-Living
Is poured out to bless His faithful ones.

The releases unto His Ishrayah
Shall be very great and most fulfilling
As Yahshua, the King of glory,
And Gabriel come to move for them.

These sent from the Most High,
Known as Michael and Gabriel
Are come to expedite My covenant promises
That I have made unto My own.

Stand steadfast in this evil day
And occupy until I come-
For in the fullness of I AM,
I come to deliver My faithful ones.

Yea, I have My jewels fair
That I have called unto this day
Whom I have set apart to transform
Unto eternal redemption.

The difficulttimes that I have allowed
My own to bear ro bring them to Messiah
Has been a time of preparation
That they might walk in My light with Messiah.

The testings that they have borne
Shall soon be released in a day,
When soon I come to remove
The tares on the earth, I say.

All lies and double standards
Are swiftly being torn down, you see,
As all peoples are not My true seed
But are the seed of Cain who deceive.

There never can be a Judeo-Christian,
For such doctrine is a sinister lie,
The seed of the serpent can never be Mine,
They are great imposters and father many lies.

YHVH's great judgment on this evil seed
Who crucified Messiah shall be swift-
It will be a great day when the moneychangers
Are removed and My Ishrayah are set free!

The times of My great refreshing are near
When My Spirit without measure descends
To deliver My anointed elect
That they might fulfill their calling in I AM.

Many great walls of infirmity and affliction
Shall be removed in this day
As I come to deliver My Ishrayah
By the power of My Living Word.

My Beloved Ones, shall know
The intimate timing of their Father
As they feel these great changes
Manifest in their earth.

Blessed times, blessed times are even now
Being further released to My faithful few
As Gabriel and Michael with their armies
Come to fight for My own!

So be strong in My Spirit,
Hope and endure unto the end-
Watch and see, My Beloved, what blessings
I will bestow upon you!

The gift of total salvation
Shall be the portion of My prepared ones
Who hearken unto My Word
And are quickened by My Spirit of Life.

The removal of the hordes
Of evil ones that I call 'tares'
Shall be swift and precise
As I reap billions of people from the earth.

The greater blessings that I will pour out
Will supply all that is needed
For My eonian work to be accomplished,
Bringing restoration unto My obedient ones.

Great healings and blessings will take place
As My own are transformed into Yahshua's image
To rule and reign with Messiah, King of kings.

I shall have a family of First Fruits
Who are redeemed from the curse of sin and death
They shall have the mind of Messiah
And work with Him as their Head.

I shall deliver My own from all deception
That has long ensnared and enslaved My own
And bring them into all truth
To walk with Me as true Daughters and Sons.

Many have been called but only a few are chosen
To follow Yahshua, My precious Lamb-
Those willing to lay down their lives for Him
Shall know My greater faithfulness this day.

I will set up My kingdom lightouse
In those jewels so rare
Who shall become My Melchizedek Priesthood
To teach My truth and light.

Now many have recognized their callings
Or sought to know My truths-
These are the foolish virgins
Who have no oil in their lamps.

Beloved, Remember that these days
Shall be as those of Noah's day,
When most are persuing their own pleasures
And building their own carnal kingdoms.

My own shall ever be tarrying
And abiding in My Spirit alone-
They shall know victory as they endure
These days of Jacob-Ishrayah's greater troubles.

As I cared for Noah and His family
Who prepared an ark for survival,
I am building an everlasting temple in My own
That is fashioned by My Mighty hand.

This temple is built as My own learn
To live in the knowledge of My word-
My covenant promises are theirs
As they hear and obey the Spirit's call.

Great, great, great victories shall be won
As My own wield My two-edged sword-
One chases a thousand and two ten thousand,
While a three-fold cord is not easily broken.

I never removed Moses, Noah or My prophets
In the day of My judgment storm-
When I cleansed the earth in My fury,
I was faithful to deliver My own.

So in this last, great battle,
I AM your I AM Who speaks to His own-
I shall move and direct My remnant army,
Intervening for the sake of My Ishrayah.

The Living Way that I have ordained you
To walk in this fierce and terrible day
Is the one that I have promised
That will preserve you spirit, soul, and body.

This is the high calling of which I have spoken
That I have preordained for My Elect
Who shall be transformed as My new creations-
New minds, souls, and bodies quickened by My Spirit.

I say, Faith and obedience are the keys
To fulfilling your calling this day-
I am the King of glory
Who shall keep and protect you always.

I say, is there anything too hard
For your Father YHVH to do?
I am the Great Creator of the universes
And I am well able to take care of you!

The greater work that I must fulfill
Is recreating new heavens and earth in My own,
Making twain one new man in Messiah
By My Spirit of Life alone.

I say, Continue to do all the work
Which I have placed before you-
My greater strength shall be yours
As My glory is manifest in you.

I am the same Redeemer and Husbandman
Who tenderly watches over His chosen Ishrayah-
My own shall know their Messiah
And overcome all tests and trials.

I say, I am well able to move mighty mountains
For My Ishrayah this day,
For I am the Almighty I AM
Who is the same today, yesterday, and forever.

Therefore think well, Beloved,
On these words which I have spoken this night,
For I have never lost a battle
Where Faith and Obedience are found.

Remember that there is no 'rapture'-
Rather, that I have called you to endure to end
That I might wholly restore My kingdom in you
Where Messiah alone is King!

Image: I Promise, oil on canvas 2004, 13"x14"
Mary Louise;Town Jaqua


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