Yea, My Daughters, the winds of My judgment are blowing in the earth. Yea, they are blowing and who shall stop them? Who shall stay the hands of the Most High? Of a truth, I am coming quickly in this day to establish My kingdom in righteousness, and yea, I shall not stop until all that I have spoken is accomplished. Of a truth, I will remember the covenant that I made with Abraham, and I will fulfill it for My Israyah's sake; for truly, I am moving. Yea, I am moving, saith YHVH. Yea, I am moving by My Spirit to accomplish great and mighty things, and yea, none shall stop Me; for I am the Eternal One, the Everliving, the Perpetual, the Great I AM; and truly, I overturn great kingdoms in this day- yea, powerful kingdoms; and yea, I am moving to set My people free; for I say, My people will not always live in bondage. They will not always be oppressed by the oppressor- yea, the violent mand, the man of sin, the one who deviseth mischief in his heart. Yea, My people will not always be afflicted by the unrighteous, for truly I will deliver the righteous in this day from the hands of their enemies. Of a truth, My Daughters, My Israyah has many enemies. You know this to be true, for I have caused you to be afflicted and oppressed even this day that I might do a work to deliver you; for truly many seek your lives. Yea, they despise you, and were it not for My mercy, many of your enemies would have long been consumed. Nevertheless I have stayed My judgment hand, because you have sought Me concerning those who have wronged you; and because of the obedience of a few, I have been merciful. Of a truth, My people do not know My word. They do not know Me nor do they know true love and mercy. Instead, My people pervert My judgments, thinking to do what they please and it's alright with Me for I am loving and I show mercy. Yea, My people forget that I am righteous and that I have a standard, and yea, I expect My Israyah to measure up to My righteous standard and the only way that they can do this is through My Son Yahsha. Yea, truly there is no other way that a man can be made righteous save through the Lamb's blood. Truly He is the only Way, the only Door into My kingdom, yet many seek to enter in through another door. I say of a truth, there is no other door...no back door, no side door, no other door than Yahsha. I say of a truth, My Daugthers, the door will be shut very soon for many of My people for when I came, they would not receive Me and when I knocked on their door, they would not open to Me. Yea, they refused Me. Yea, they had other things to do and were carried about with the cares of the world. Of a truth, what is a Father to do with His errant people? Yea, what is He to do with His rebellious household? Yea, Jeremiah was a weeping prophet in His day. He wept sorely for My Israyah. Would it were that I had more like Jeremiah in this day who truly care for My people. Nevertheless, I have a few- yea, a very few- who seek Me diligently, pray, and desire to do My will. Yea, these are My jewels, My treasure that I have hidden in the earth and I shall indeed do a great work because of My faithful few. Yea, I have heard your cries, My Daughters, and I do move for you, for these are evil days...filled with much wickedness and violence. Yea, were it not that I shortened these days, no flesh would be saved, for the enemy truly desires to destroy My Israyah and many, many, many of My people have already fallen by the sword, famine, and pestilence. Yea, My Israyah has been ravished by the locusts and trampled underfoot by every beast in the earth. Yea, what is a Father to do to wake up His errant household? Will a bomb do? Will it take a great shaking to get the attention of My people? Yea, I YHVH have ways to move that only I can do, for I govern all things. Of a truth, I am in charge of this world and of a truth, this world is in for a great shaking; for My people have compromised and made friends with this world; and for this cause shall I YHVH bring great destruction upon My people and it shall be an evil day like never before...full of darkness, heaviness, smoke, and great burning that reaches into the heavens and there shall be lamentations and great woe, for I say, sorrows shall be multiplied unto this nation for her great whoredoms. Of a truth, the streets of America are full of wickedness and violence and so are her houses, churches, businesses, and institutions, etoo. Yea, the inhabitants of the earth have wicked, deceitful hearts and they shall be consumed; and yea, the slaughter of YHVH shall be very great that none can number. I say, men are fools for thinking that they can out-do YHVH. Yea, I shall bring the high towers to naught in this day and prove who is the fool. I say, those who do not fear Me in this day are fools, for it is a fearful day when none save YHVH Almighty shall deliver. Truly no amount of substance shall deliver a man from destruction. Yea, those who have trusted in their wealth or goods shall find these will not deliver. Yea, none can spare save YHVH, and of a truth. I did not spare when I sent the plagues in Egypt in the days of old nor did I spare with the firstborn. Yea, I visited Egypt as I said I would because the Egyptians held My people in hard bondage, and while it is true that I used the Egyptians to prove My people and to bring them back to Me, My greater judgment fell upon the Egyptians for they would not relent nor loosen their hold upon My people; and there came a day when I YHVH said, 'It is enough. Let My people go;' and I delivered them. I say of a truth, My Daughters, when I am done with My judgments upon My people, there will be those of your enemies who will be very glad to make peace with you; for I will show to My people that I YHVH have the upper hand and it is a righteous hand. Yea, the deliverance of My Israyah from the hands of their enemies shall be very, very great; and for this cause shall I give My people hope even in this day, for the evil that men do is rising in the earth. Daily it is like a giant, seething pot that is filled with abominations, being stirred up daily by politicians and their news. Truly men's hearts are at war, though they speak with great, swelling words saying, 'Peace, peace' when there is no peace. Truly the inhabitants of the earth are mad. They are drunken on their own perversions, and in a day shall they be removed as the tares. Yea, they shall never be remembered again. They shall be utterly cut off and consumed. Yea, the time is come, My Daughters, for Me to do My thing in the earth; and truly, man has had his time and truly he has proven himself to be a fool. In perpondering to be so wise, he is a fool and that cannot perform nor deliver in this day. He will have no power to save himself. I say, many, many, many- even of My own- shall be consumed in this day because they did not prepare to receive Me. Yea, when I called, they did not answer. Yea, they did not realize My appointment nor My purposes. Instead they wasted themselves upon the cares of this world and were caught up with burdens that were not theirs. Yea, truly, what is a Father to do regarding His errant household? Yea, I have wept, I have cried, I have wooed, I have chastened, I have rebuked, I have corrected, and yet My people refuse to return. Yea, is the world so much brighter than Yahsha? Yea, what is a Father to do regarding His errant household? Will a bomb do? Yea, WOE, for it is the day of YHVH, when His fierce anger will arise in the earth; for the peoples of the earth love wickedness, and thereby shall it be counted unto them for destruction; and yea, the slaughter of YHVH will be very, very great...yea, so great that none can number them.