Editorial Comments on the Construction of YHVH’s Kingdom

Except YHVH build the house, they labor in vain that build it:
except YHVH keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
Psalm 127:1

The Ishrayah of YHVH have always been a busy people both in the past and present. They are always busy creating, building, and inventing. They build because that is their nature, inherited from their Father, the Creator of the worlds. It is no surprise then that YHVH’s Ishrayah have become known as the ‘building race.’ We have been busy building from time memorial, creating marvelous wonders both small and large that astonish the world. Truly the creative process is a gift, albeit our rightful inheritance as children of the Most High. As the world’s most industrious race, however, how do we rank in our efforts to build YHVH’s kingdom? Judging from the condition of the world around us, our efforts appear to have failed.

It does not take a college education to determine that we are living in an increasingly evil world, one that is on the verge of imminent collapse. Who built this formidable world we live in? Who is responsible for this social-political mess? Who built the institution we call the government or more importantly the institution we call the church? How did this great edifice called the 'one world order' ever manage to come to pass? Who’s responsible for these monumental monstrosities- you, me?

The truth is that YHVH’s Ishrayah both past and present are largely responsible for the frightening condition of the world today. As sons and daughters of the Most High, we have been guilty of building the wrong kingdom for a long time. We have been ignorant- willfully or not- of YHVH’s laws and purposes, having erred in the knowledge of His word that would ultimately compel us to build our Father’s glorious, righteous kingdom. Instead we have been a people too easily seduced by the spirit of the world and too easily entreated into compromise. We have, like Esau of old, sold our birthright for a mess of pottage. In doing so, we have become an Esau people and have been content to be bedfellows with true Edom to the point that we have nearly destroyed ourselves. Were it not for the grace of YHVH to chastise us and pluck us out of our own rebellion in this day, no Israyah flesh would be saved. Truly YHVH is good to bring judgment upon America in this day perchance His own Israyah will turn to Him with righteous repentance and seek to do His will.

Many of YHVH’s Ishrayah fail to realize that they have a calling and purpose in this life that is of a spiritual origin. Instead of fulfilling their destiny, they either walk in ignorance of their calling or try to fulfill it in their calling carnal understanding. Thus, many of Israyah become more of a liability than an asset in constructing YHVH’s kingdom. The definitive factor in this building project boils down to one basic element: YHVH’s kingdom can only be built by His Spirit. Those who deny the call of YHVH as well as those who carnally labor to build His house will fail equally in YHVH’s eyes to accomplish His will and purposes in this earth because they lived their lives in the wrong spirit. In other words, they built their own kingdoms instead of YHVH's. Those who try to build YHVH's kingdom with a carnal, natural mind build in vain. Their efforts will never be counted unto YHVH for righteousness. On the contrary, they will reap for themselves a terrible reward, as declared by Yahshua’s in Matthew 7:21-23?

Our great and mighty YHVH is looking for people in this day who would be true builders of His Kingdom, those who will be instruments of His will and His purposes that He might restore this earth unto righteousness. YHVH knows we’ve had enough Canaanite developers in this world and enough hypocrites in the house of YHVH that we do not need more. YHVH is seeking in this day those who will be willing to take the blueprints of His kingdom and construct this architectural masterpiece in the earth by His Spirit. Needless to say, this assignment is no small task. Who is willing to be recruited of YHVH for this job- you, me?

There was a time when some of us answered YHVH when He sent Yahshua to our door. We answered and opened our hearts to His Son because His love and His glorious kingdom was imparted into our spirits. When we took Yahshua into our lives, something real happened: we began to live. YHVH breathed His Spirit into us and we became a new creature. He came into our lives and began to remodel our temples, teaching us His kingdom truths and showing us the way of everlasting life. What an experience! What hope He gave! What a wonderful new life became ours! Hopefully the fire of this life-changing encounter with Yahshua still remains in your heart. It does mine.

Aside from personal history, however, who is building the kingdom of YHVH today- you, me? Is the kingdom of YHVH your daily aspiration, vocation, and passion or have you a different goal in life? If the latter is true, there exists in your life a conflict with the will and purposes of YHVH. If we examine scripture, we discover that we are not our own, we are bought with a price. In other words, we cannot lay claim to our own lives. It is YHVH who formed us. He is the Potter. We are the clay. Remember? How many times has the clay talked back to the Potter? Too many times, I’m afraid. It is time that we, YHVH"s Ishrayah, remember our rightful place in this world and in YHVH's economy. We must remember whose we are and whom we serve. Without true reverence, i.e. a true fear of YHVH, we have no basis upon which to build His kingdom. As the ultimate and supreme Builder, YHVH rightfully calls the shots concerning His kingdom. He will move by His Spirit and His Spirit alone to build His glorious kingdom. As He makes this marvelous move in this day, who will stand with Him? Truly the benefits offered His workforce far exceed any carnal remuneration this present world can offer. So it is that the true Israyah of YHVH must carefully weigh the thoughts and intents of their hearts to see if they are building for YHVH or not. The will of YHVH alone, accomplished by His Spirit, will make us successful builders of His kingdom. May the true Ishrayah of YHVH arise to fulfill the plan and purposes of the Almighty this day!- Mary