I YHVH am coming in great indignation and wrath

                To break down the powers of evil and darkness;

I move to bring mass destruction and woes upon woes

                Unto a disobedient people called My Ishrayah.

I open My treasures of ice, wind, and hail-

                Storms and great droughts I unleash on the land;

Yea, I know My sheep of My pasture this day

And through chaos and turmoil I’ll care for My own.

The powers of the heavens and earth are great shaken

                As I YHVH arise in righteous judgment;

I separate My true sheep from the goats who are not Mine

That I might tear down their strongholds, and destroy Babylon

These are the days when great turmoil I will bring

                Unto My own to see if they will hearken to Me;

Will they sorely repent and humbly return to their YAH

              Or will I need to remove them in this last day?

There shall be storms as never before seen in the earth

                As I YHVH move to fulfill My judgment plan;

The trials I send are to humble My Ishrayah America

                To see if she will return in obedience unto Me.

I have great times of refreshing to grant unto My own,

                But to the rebellious, I say, “Woe, woe, woe!;”

The disobedient know not Messiah, the King of kings

                And the coming reign of My Prince of Peace.

In this day, My Beloved Ones, hold fast to your I AM,

                For I alone know the way you must take;

There shall be massive destruction as I move now

                To destroy all the workers of iniquity this day.

I have a plan that I have ordained in this day

                For My called out ones who are obedient unto Me;

These know My Messiah and follow His voice-

He directs them fully and keeps them from harm.

The global economic crisis shall be a great dilemma

                As the money systems of Lucifer reel and shake;

Only those prepared by My Spirit shall know

                The greater works that I will do in this day.

There shall be mighty shakings in all the earth-

                A double portion shall fall on the foes of My own;

None shall be exempt from My great judgment

Except those who judge themselves in the light of My word.

My own true Ishrayah shall move as I lead them

                To the safety havens I have prepared for them;

They’ll see My great covering come to protect them

                Just as I took care of Moses through the Red Sea.

Be strong, My Beloved, and be strengthened by My Spirit-

Let My word be the power to comfort and heal you;

As I was with My Ishrayah in the days of old

I’ll keep My own blood-bought ones from harm.

Continue to be strong, for there is strength in My word

                As by My quickening Spirit I move for you;

Never fear, My Beloved, for I am mightily with you

                To heal, restore, and bring you through!

I will send in My day those ordained to come

                To My refuge that I have hidden here in Maine;

Look up unto Messiah, He will lead you by His Spirit

                And fulfill My word as I minister unto you.

Be not troubled at the great destruction you see,

But look up and rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh;

Hope in your great I AM, for I alone know the way

                To keep and preserve you in this last great day.

Be strengthened in your spirit, for I will keep you

                Through all the tests and trials so sore;

Many shall be removed like never before in the earth

                As My reapers come forth to harvest the tares.

Yea, be thankful that I am your mighty I AM

                Who keeps His covenant promises unto His own;

Never fear the face of any foe in this day-

                Let My Messiah arise in you to deliver you!

My spoken word shall be your weapon of war-

              It shall be wielded in power as I release it in you;

Be ever ready to move at an instant in this day

As your very life depends upon hearing My voice.

Never fear, My Beloved, but follow My Lamb now,

For He shall hasten to move great mountains for you;

Many shall be the trials that I give to strengthen you

                To build great faith that will carry you through.

See how I’ll move to open wide all doors

                As I lead you through this wilderness of evil;

See how I’ll reveal My greater works in this day

                As I move to protect you in the Lamb’s pathway.

Crucified with Messiah, I bring forth your new birth

             As I pour out My Spirit in you in this great day;

I grant you the fullness of My seven Spirits of life,

The in-part ministry becomes the wholeness of I AM.

Walk onward in confidence, for I am moving this day

 To fulfill My greater works in and through you;

Keep humble and broken, knowing I alone lead the way

             Into My kingdom that I now manifest in you.

Come into My presence and hide in My word now,

             For I shall fulfill My covenant promises unto you;

Many shall be the manifestations of My Spirit

As I safely deliver you from all harm, the Lamb knows the way!


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