Constantly Abiding

Great treasures YHVH brings to His own
Who are constantly abiding and dwelling
In the glorious presence of the Great I AM,
Wherein He teaches them His higher ways.

The lessons that they learn as they tarry,
Seeking His counsel and wisdom from on high
Are studies in quietness before YAH-YHVH,
That they might overcome their trials in life.

His ways are made perfect,
When we learn His living way-
Correcting us in measure
To learn His truth and light.

Our Beloved Comforter sent to us
By Messiah our Saviour and Redeemer
Teaches us His will to fulfill
The walk in the Spirit of Life.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal
But spiritual, as it is written-
Learning and discerning the will
Of our Father of lights is our portion.

Yahshua, our Messiah, is ever interceding
For His own true seed this day-
The twelve tribes of Jacob Ishrayah
Now scattered throughout the earth.

Continue in all diligence,
For I alone am your head-
My own are taught and tutored
By My Comforter Who teaches all truth.

Preparations are needed
As you grow in His love and grace,
Perfecting patience through all
Your tests and trials this day.

Hold steadfast your confidence,
For I am doing a great, new work-
Yea, obey the word that I have given
And walk in My covenant promises.

The inpart ministry is fading away,
For My total work to be inwrought-
The seven-fold ministry shall bring
Great deliverance to My own.

All powers of eternity shall be
The inheritance of My elect
Who shall fulfill the greater works
That glorify YHVH’s name.

This shall be a powerful ministry
Of My spoken word-
Proving My greater works as written
To bring Messiah back to earth.

This nation America shall be rebirthed
Unto YAH-YHVH, I say-
As My hidden vessels of light
Fulfill their callings in Me.

JerUSAlem is the promised land
Of My twelve tribes of Ishrayah-
Continue to stand fast, watch, and see
What great things your I AM will do!

(Photo: Late afternoon sun at the cottage, Lily- 2012)