Daughters of the Republic...
Prophetic warnings for our day



Daughters of the Republic, Hear and Listen! Yea, wait thou in quietness before thy Yahweh and I shall surely strengthen thee. Yea, I say unto thee, this special fast that I have placed thee upon is most vital. Yea, is not this the time of the fulfilling of Daniel's vision, and yea, even as I have sent in times of old My angel unto Daniel, so also My Daughter, do I send My mighty angel Michael to fight for thee. Yea, in the volume of the Book, it speaks of that which was and was not and yea, is. In this profound word is the very unfoldment of that which shall come, and as thou tarriest in confidence and quietness, I shall begin to unravel unto thee, the hidden truths therein. I say, I shall unveil unto thee, that which shall fall upon my covenant people who live in the land of bounty in these last days of the present age and the juxtiposition wherein My own are already entering into the day of Yahweh in rest and safety.

In My own who have ears to hear in this day, shall I raise up to become a mighty army. These shall know their Yahweh and do exploits. In the raging of the times and seasons of this day of indignation shall I gird them into the innermost parts of their sanctuary, for where My Life and My Light dwell, I do a major work of changing their vessels, that My Light and My Glory may be continually contained therein. These Lamps of Israel shall be as beacons, shining forth the Truth unto a most rebellious people in the land of plenty. I warn you concerning the on-coming storm which shall speedily fall upon America.

Yea, even as the space shuttle Challenger was a great sign and sent great firey signs in the heavens, so all saw that My judgment was upon all those who seek to rise above My heavens and be above their Elohim. I say, this is only the beginning of many great perils and woes to come upon America. I say to thee, all who have refused to come back unto their Yahshua Messiah, I shall cut off. Yea, men who sit in places of authority who boast of great works, and speak swelling words of vanity, and use powers of flattery, are even unto you as a sign of the end of this present age. Yea, do they not become as charmers before My people to lull them asleep and draw away many from the true faith which is in Yahshua Messiah? I say, My people are under bondage to a people who increase taxes and lay upon them heavy burdens too greivous to bear. My people are watching a little king rule and reign, who does not enforce righteous judgment in the land; and by the power of his authority, he rules with a smooth hand. Surely this hand is moving to seduce My people, for his heart is most deceitful. Truth does not reign in him. I say, watch and see; for though he has risen in power and might in a most miraculous way. the tide of his rule shall mightily change; and through compromise with many strange heads, he shall cause the very liberty of My people to be taken away, causing a terrible collapse of all that would be considered righteous government. This new government shallbe the design of deceitful men who align themselves with Rome and the sovereign power of Meshech with all its satellites. In this conglomerate of powers, shall I raise up one of the seven to become leader over Israel, My Promised Land. This one shall betray My true seed and arise in great power and authority. As this beast comes forth, the burden upon My people shall increase. Yea, it shall become a dark and gloomy day of thy Yahweh, as My prophets have spoken. Many shall fall away because they have not become securely anchored in My Rock, Yahshua Messiah. I say, My people, Prepare thyself against this day (Nahum 3)for thou couldst not stand in thine own strength; for the fiery trials shall be very great. I say, Woes and sorrows, woes and sorrows are about to fall upon the land of Mine inheritance.

In the midst of the year when the earth is in travail and the foe has done the work of My battleax, then shall My people cry out from under their hard bondage, and I, Yahweh shall arise and fight for My people even as I fought for them in Egypt.

Yea, there shall be a time when My people shall go through great travail of spirit and they shall recognize that they have gone awhoring after other Elohim and have rejected Me- the source of all light and life. Yea, I say, Israel! Repent ye now of your elohim of gold, silver, wood, and clay. Yea, come into My inner sanctuary and howl thee before the gate, sobeit that Yahweh, in this great time of tribulation shall have mercy upon you and spare you in that last great day of Yahweh. 1-30-86...3:35PM...Lily

Oh, Daughters of the Republic, hear and learn! I, Yahweh come forth in light to awaken thee unto the days that are at hand and soon to fall upon the earth. Let thine ears be opened continually toward My holy mount, and I shall give unto thee the further knowledge of this that comes quickly upon the earth. It is of the utmost urgency that you warn My people of this which is to come. These are the times that My holy prophets spoke about. Yea, I say, My people are asleep in Zion. Be diligent in all that I ask of thee and stand thou firm, for truly I say unto thee, the cock croweth for the hour of sudden destruction comes speedily upon My Israel. Keep thine eyes stseadfastly upon Me and harken thou well unto these things which I, Myself, shall reveal unto thee. I shall give thee complete detail- line upon line- of what shall take place that you may warn My rebellious house of Israel.

I say, I have awakened thee this night to tarry in My presence where I may counsel with thee concerning My preisthood which I, Yahweh, am bringing forth by My Holy Ghost. In the days at hand, My great judgments are rapidly falling upon My people and I shall speak and I shall require My own to hear. This is a most important day for the preparation of My own. Be thou steadfast in all that I require thee to do. Be instant in season and out of season, always abounding in the work of thy Yahweh.

I say unto thee, new revelation knowledge I am preparing to quickly unfold unto you, and in My word I shall further reveal unto thee the pattern for this day. Yea, I say unto thee, the wise shall know and understand; but I say, what is given in this day shall only be given by Holy Ghost revelation. Those who seek to hear by the letter of the law of My word shall be utterly devoid of understanding of what I now do in the earth, saith Yahweh.

Warn My people. If they would be prepared in this day, they must fast and pray and seek My face; for yea, I am found of all who earnestly seek for Me with all their heart, all their soul, and all their might. Yea, I say, knock and it shall be opened unto you. Seek and truly you shall find. It is My appointed time to raise up My righteous branch in the earth, for I have a people whom I have Divinely prepared by My Holy Ghost; for these have learned to tarry in My presence that I might instruct them how to come into My fulness. I say unto you, these whom I, Myself, prepare in these days shall harken unto My still, small voice, and they shall put off all the old grave clothes of the old Adamic nature and put on My holy robes of salvation, righteousness, praise and thanksgiving. These, I say, have learned the power of overcoming that, through every test and trial, they could learn to live in joy and peace, praise and thanksgiving. By the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, these stand fast, knowing I alone am their inheritance and I alone am their salvation. No man cometh unto My Father, save through Yahshua Messiah. He alone is the way unto eternal life, and the walk into eternity. I say, I shall have those who shall not taste of death, e'er I come; for these have learned to put off all that could hurt or offend and learned the key to deliverance into light. This cometh from the removal of the mystery of iniquity that dwelleth in the uncircumcised man. I say, one cannot become a new life in Yahshua until he realizes the love of Yahshua and the fulness of his fall from grace. Each one must understand thatYahshua came to judge his earth and cause him to know truth that he might be free indeed. I say of a truth, all bloodline curses of the forefathers must be cut off at the root, severing once and for all, the old, carnal nature of the first Adam. The life and light of the quickening spirit of the second Adam must be birthed into all one's being.

Yea, today many are like the rich young ruler who asked Yahshua what he must do to be fully saved. When Yahshua told him, he said he had done all that was commanded of him. Yahshua then said, 'Go and sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor.' Today in the world, I say, My people have made gods of their possessions and their families, holding on with a death-grip. Yahshua hath said that ye must be born by the cleansing of His blood, washed in the water of His Word, and purified in His fire. Today, I say, there is a slothful spirit in many who say they love Me. These refuse to lay down their old, carnal ways and take up their cross and follow Me. I say, none shall see life unless he be willing to lay down his life for My sake. Have I not said that two shall be in a bed and one shall be remain? Know ye not, the one who remains is he who wholly followeth Me? Yea, two shall be grinding at a mill and only one shall remain. So it is, those who remain are those who shall fulfill My will in the earth in these end days. Yea, I say, many shall not understand this I do, for their hearts are far from Me. Yea, they are too settled in their own way to be able to be uprooted from their doctrines of the world and their comforts of life. I say unto thee, those who are so inclined shall never come into My fulness; for they, in their selfishness and self-will think they are able to judge My obedient ones whom I have called to do My will. I say unto you, My Daughter of the Republic, they knoweth not what they do. Yea, they dare to touch My called-out ones, My anointed- yea, even My prophets and My teachers whom I have called unto Myself. Verily, if these repent not of their unrighteous ways and do not come unto Me and do as I bid them, they shall lose their call in this day. I say, My people become busybodies in others' affairs, not realizing they are bringing great dispite against My own and the work of My kingdom.

My people say they are converted, but I say unto you they are not. They harbor unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, strife, and all manner of disobedience to My word. Beloved, this ought not to be so. Have I not commanded that ye love one another as I have loved you? My people harbor a judgmental spirit and love to tear and rend one another. Beloved, all who are found guilty of such shall not become a part of My overcoming throng. Have I not said one must love one's enemies, pray for those who persecute you, and bless those who despitefully use you? Why think ye that ye can violate My word and inherit life? I say, Nay. My own whom I call love and fear Me, desiring to obey My word. Yea, greater love hath no man than he lay down his self-willed, carnal life and rid himself of the roots of iniquity that I might use him as a witness of My love to a dying world. I say, many whom I have called have been bruised and maligned by those who err in My word. Yea, these devourers have wrecked havoc in My fold, driving many of My little ones from My flock. Beloved, this ought not to be so. I say 1 Corinthians 13 is a pattern for living that most know not. Yea, would I have spoken this word if it were not to be followed? Yea, think ye well of the state of thine heart, mind, sould, and spirit. Do ye issue forth the fruit of the Spirit or are ye ever revealing the power of the man of sin who resides in the uncircumcised heart? Ye cannot serve Yahweh and mammon. Yea, many say they love Me, but they do not the words of My book. They are bound in the the traditions of carnal men and have lost the truth that it is 'Messiah in you, the hope of glory.' Beloved, how can ye love the sinner when ye do not even love one another? Oh, My people, come to the river and drink freely; buy milk and honey without price. Let My word come into your hearts in new conviction that when I come, I might find ye ready. This is a new day and behold, I come quickly. Are ye ready? I thy garments white as snow? Hath all backbitting been removed that ye are without guile? Knoweth thou not My word is 'yea' and 'amen?' I will be what I will be in this day and I shall use whomsoever I will to accomplish My purpose, saith thy Yahweh. I say unto thee, warn My people. See if they will harken or nay. Be thou strong who beareth the ark of My testimony. I loveth thee, thy Yahweh. 1-31-86...2:28AM...Lily

Daughters of the Republic, hear and listen. This is that day of which George Washington's third vision shall be swiftly fulfilled. Yea, I say- worldwide conflict; yea, I say- worldwide conflict- the likes of which have never been upon the face of the earth. Yea, explosive terrorist bombings shall now erupt, and the cities in America shall know terror as never before, because of their laxity in allowing foreigners to come in and overtake the land. Yea, judgment falls, judgment falls upon the earth. Earthquakes shalll rumble. The earth shall shake and convulse like a drunkard, for the powers of hell are unleashed upon My earth. In the cities, I say, there shall be volcanic eruptions of a proprotion never before seen. Sleeping giants shall erupt, and cities of evil shall be vomited out of My mouth, because of their gross wickedness. This day I shall of necessity need to divinely intervene, for great are the evils which shall befall. The Arab, the Arab- what of the Arab? Shall Ismael fight against their kin or shall they rise up and stand with My two Israel nations, Ephraim and Manasseh? Yea, the days shall wax and wane hard against My people, for their sins are very great. I say, My people shall not see the moon rising before eruptions of terror shall take place in the earth. I say, thou shalt see this evil escalate, and I shall humble Israel, the seed of Mine inheritance.

Watch the Zionist state of Israeli, for in this place shall My violence begin; and there shall be many who shall come against My true seed of Israel, because of their stand against this people. Yea, wars and rumors of wars- terrorists against My own. Be thou not anxiousa for the morrow. Make great haste to do what I have spoken unto thee to do. Yea, the terror of the day shall have many in total despair. Prepare thee victuals. Prepare for the time soon cometh when thou shalt not be able to buy nor sell. The banks, the banks- watch the banks. Be swift to move, for the acitivites of this last, great day of Yahweh have come. Great shall be the travail in the land of America. Yea, I say, Ramah crying...Ramah crying for her children; for I say, they were not. Blood, blood...yea, blood to the horses bridle. Yea, great destruction...great destruction. Look thou up, My beloved Daughter, for thy redemption draweth nigh.

Yea, I say, watch businesses fail. Watch the scarcity of many items. I say, what thou hast to do, do quickly that My preparations might be in thy storehouses. I say, My people do not know the time nor the hour, but I say unto thee, My Daughter, the wise shall know and understand. Watch how quickly I shall unseat many in high places. Yea, I'll bring forth very swift judgment on those who have sought to set aside My laws and to make evil good and good evil. I say, watch AIDS escalate. Watch My judgment upon these who say in their hearts that Yahweh does not see, He shall not know. I say unto thee, watch California. Watch now what I shall do in the city of Angels. Angels of evil have arisen on the scene. Powers of darkness are rampant in this state. Watch My judgment fall upon the homosexuals who think to take law into their own hands. I say, watch, watch the swiftness of that which I now do, for I am Yahweh and there is none other. Militant gays...militant gays are rising, but I say, their rising shall be quenched; and I say, My judgment shall be swift on all who have been seated in their evil courses, defying nature and doing that evil work which is unseemly. I say, AMERICA AWAKE...AMERICA AWAKE! Awake thou, before it is too late. I say, I shall expose to the world the deeds of the homosexuals, and they shall know very swiftly that I am not pleased with their evil works. Yea, many of these militant gays shall I swallow up in a massive earthquake. Many of these I shall consume with My plagues, and they shall know that I do not wink at their sins any longer. Yea, even as it was in the days of Noah, so shall I come with great fire to cleanse the earth of these abominable ones.

I say, watch that one who struts about, carrying a bible and using My name to cover his sins. Yea, I say, it's late...it's late, and My people do not repent. Thou shalt see this day what I shall do to bring down their high and lofty ways and their evil deeds. Yea, I move quickly and I shall tarry no longer. Do not I bring forth My righteous judgment upon the shores of America? I say none who have defied My word and commit evil shall be left unjudged. Yea, even as the Gulf War erupts in violent warfare, I say, far greater shall be the war I wage against all who live unrighteously. Be not amazed at how I turn circumstances around and how I bring to light the hidden works of darkness. I say, iniquity abounds. My people have gone awhoring after their gods. Yea, I say, they have set up many baal gods before Me. I say, shall I not move across My land of plenty and judge My people for their gross sins? Shall I not vindicate My name and raise up My righteous branch in the earth who have been faithful to obey Me. Yea, I say, it is for these that I come to rain down My judgment upon the earth.

Yea, the day dawns quickly, and My works are in motion. Fear not the proud boastings of man. Shall I not even now place My seal of unrighteousness upon them? Shall I not say unto these who reject My word, Depart ye from Me, ye wicked, ye workers of iniquity who defile My name and refuse My Son, Yahshua Messiah? My day to bring down My full judgment upon the wicked has come, for I say, I see the evil intentions of their hearts. Yea, I no longer shall tolerate their perverted ways.

Yea, this day do I move to come down and vindicate My own; for yea, I have seen their love and their obedience unto Me in all things. Shall I not come down and rock the earth for the sins of these who say they are Mine, yet I say, they know not My righteous ways? Yea, those who have left My women to be widows and children to be fatherless that they might satisfy the lusts of their flesh, I shall surely judge. Yea, these widows I have married. These who have sought Me and cried unto Me for help, I have succored and kept them in their time of need. I say, I shall show them now how I shall plead their cause and set them up in My pavilion. Yea, here I shall provide for them. Yea, shall I not take in this day from those who have stolen from My own? Shall I not release the burden of those widows who have been left to take care of their little ones? These unrighteous ones are even as infidels who have left their families, sporting themselves in riotous living. These rebellious ones, thinking that I would not see their unjust deeds, I shall surely judge. Yea, I say, I do move to unseat the frivolous ones who have set up lies and made ambushments against My abused families. These have trumpeted their worth and in great, swelling words have boasted of their prosperity, while My own sheep with their little ones are left to fend for themselves. Yea, I say, I have seen their selfishness and their gross sins of negligence. I say, I now do move for those who have gone without. Yea, I right a very great wrong done to My obedient ones, and that right early. I say, I see, I see. This is the day I judge the quick and the dead. Behold, I come quickly; and My fan is in My hand. Yea, I come quickly. Be thou ready, for thy releases are at the door; for I have moved and mountains are falling. Yea, the proud shall realize that I see their evil works, and that I put down all workers of iniquity. Yea, I am Yahweh who fighteth for thee; and I say unto you truly, there is no other Saviour. I AM, I AM- that is My name.

Daughters of the Cross, arise, for I am with you! My rod is in thine hands. Watch and see. I am Yahweh who speaketh unto thee this night and I shall hasten the necessary releases that thou hast need of, for the hour is very late and I must prepare My House. Be stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in that which I have given thee to do, I say unto thee. It's My day. It's My day. My kingdom is being built even this day, as other kingdoms fall, for I alone control the destiny of My people. 'Til the dawn, I keep thee. The dark night has fallen. There shall be great tribulation...yea, great tribulation; but I say, as others travail and weep, I do bring thee forth with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Yea, I am thine and thou art Mine.

Daughters of the Republic, hear and listen, for what I must do, I do quickly. Watch and see that which I now do for thee, for I love obedience. It is better than sacrifice. Continue thou stedfastly in the apostle's doctrine. Do the work of an evangelist. Let My Spirit have full reign within thee, for thou art truly Mine.

Go forth, go forth, I say unto thee. This is a new day, a new day when I shall reveal more of My greater works. Walk softly and be attentive to My still, small voice. I say, not many can hear this day; but be thou faithful in all things that ye may wear the crown of eternal life.

I say, I shall raise up My own with the power of My Spirit without measure to take dominion in the earth. Watch and see what I, Yahweh, will do, because thou hast been willing to stand in the gap even for those who have despitefully used and abused thee. Watch My word...My word bring forth its perfect work in the earth. Stand fast upon My Son who alone is the solid Rock. Herein thou shalt be strengthened and kept in this evil day. Allow nothing to hinder thy testimony of Messiah the solid Rock becoming thy source and thy strength. Be thou strong who beareth the ark of My covenant in thy flesh. Yea, what I bring forth in this day shall abound unto My own even to My open heavens. Yea, I shall grant thee access into My chambers even as thou hast learned to tarry in My presence. Yea, My word shall be manifested life in thee. Arise and shine, for thy light hath come and the glory of thy Yahweh Elohim hast risen upon thee. Yea, behold, I shall keep My own and none shall hinder that which I have called thee to do. Yea, move forth. I am with thee to bring thee to thine expected end. I AM. I AM.