The time of the dividing of the waters has come,
Yahshua makes in His own, twain one new man.

He breaks up now the foundation of the deep,
Where soul and spirit have been bound.

The carnality of the flesh becomes riven,
Allowing the mind of the Spirit to be birthed.

The creation of YHVH is formed in the fires
Of tribulation and affliction and woe.

My own are thus caused to be born of My Spirit
As I pressure them greatly to return unto Me.

I come unto them in great stress and strife,
When they constantly kick against the pricks.

They recognize not it is only My great love and mercy
That I come unto them at all in this day.

These of My Ishrayah have been a most rebellious lot,
Desiring other gods rather than Me.

It is the time that I join the waters above
With the waters of the earth this day.

I open unto My own the flood gate now
That My waters of life in them might overflow.

I come in wrath unto those who will not hear
And judge their earth in My day of woe.

I will bring forth a dividing asunder in them
Such as they never could comprehend that I could do.

The more that they rebel, the more I will pressure them
To see if they will repent and turn back unto Me.

I say, some in this day shall return
And receive My goodness unto them.

Soon, Oh, so soon, the door shall close,
When I shall no longer deal with them.

Many, many shall be forever lost
As I further pressure them in this day.

It is harvest time and My sickle is in the earth,
But many do not care or understand.

It is dividing time when I AM, the Head,
Separates and divides the sheep from the goats.

I bring forth those whom I Myself have prepared
To become My inheritors in Mt. Zion this day.

The ones who are Mine shall be kept this day,
While all others shall know they rejected My plan.

Yahshua alone is the way to the Father,
But most desire to have their own way.

The rebellious share find the pit of fire waiting for them,
Where there is no release from the bonds they are in.

I shall move in great power all over the earth,
My winds of adversity are blowing again.

America now passes under the rod of My judgment
As I deal with her will she repent and return to Me?

My people, My people I have cried out to you
To return unto Yahshua, My Son, before it is too late.

Will you now hear and come unto Me
That I might deliver you in your time of trouble?

Will you surrender your heart and your soul
And allow El Shaddai to make you whole?

Will you repent for your sinful ways
And receive My hundred-fold love for you?

I will not delay much longer; do you not see
The time clock of eternity is running out.

I have provided the way of escape through Yahshua
That He might deliver My love and blessings to you.

He came and fulfilled My perfect plan
Whereby My Ishrayah could be set free.

But they rejected My love and crucified My Son,
When they desired not My King but their own.

They paid a very great price that day
When they rejected My Savior who died on Calvary.

I poured out My Spirit on that day of Pentecost
To those who were willing to hearken unto Me.

I caused marvelous revelations to unfold that day,
When I moved in great power to set My people free.

Now it is My day to move one more time
To pour out My Spirit and deliver My own.

Some shall hearken and be set free
Of the sin and the bondage that they are in.

Others, Oh, so very many other shall know,
That they missed My love call in this day.

As I move with My winds of power
To bring forth My divine judgment unto them.

It is a most serious time for My own
As I gird them in strength, power, and might.

I keep them in the bosom of I AM,
Minutely leading them each step of the way.

It is a day like none other in the earth,
When I shall pour out My judgments.

Woes and lamentations; woes and lamentations
Unto all who desire not My way for them.

To My own I give spiritual manna this day-
My food from heaven to nurture them.

Those desiring flesh and blood shall know
The curse and plagues that I give them.

The scourge even now is greatly set,
When diseases shall be rampant and out of control.

Great systems shall collapse as never before,
Mass destruction shall come upon the earth.

To a nation I shall peel and strip of its glory
To bring America, My own, back unto Me.

Then shall I move and then only, I say,
To bring forth true liberty unto America.

The Russian bear shall mail and destroy
Great freedom and peace from American’s shores.

They came in and set up a Communist rule,
Changing laws and seasons of YHVH of old.

They seek to take over My fair land this day,
When I now shall move to set My creation free.

It is the time of My greater moving of the waters,
When the powers of heaven shall be greatly shaken.


Photo: Sky, Lake Wesserundsett 2013- Mary



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