12/26/21- Mary

I was going around visiting several people, and we were exchanging important printed materials in a hidden, secret manner as is done in communist countries. I remember handing a small handful of booklets and papers to a man and while talking with him, I looked up past his shoulders and saw what appeared to be an oil refinery in the distance, although it could have been a city with tall buildings. The structures, whatever they were, were shades of different brown tones that resembled the color of rust. As I gazed at the stuctures, an image of the White House appeared, looming in front of the distant background. The image was huge. It was pristine white and since it was superimposed over the darker background, it stood out with remarkable clarity. The sight took my breath away, and immediately I went into travail in my spirit. Those around me wondered what was happening to me. It was growng dark, and the travail persisted, so I knew that I needed to go home. As I walked toward the house, I noticed that a crosswalk had been painted on the pavement in front of the house. Whoever painted it did a sloppy job.

I woke up out this dream around 1:30AM still in travail of spirit and searched YHVH for an answer or explanation, since I witnessed that something terribly big was about to happen, but He gave me no details other than the word, 'soon.' I remained in travail for the rest of the day. Around 9:30AM He spoke the following to me.


Yea, My Daughter, My people have been very rebellious, and now I shall show them the fruit of their rebellion, for truly great rebellion shall arise in the earth; for when My people reject My law, they become lawless- every man doing what is right in his own eyes; and so the curse of rebellion is in the land, engulfing nations and peoples; and it grieves Me that it is so. Therefore I shall give My people what they want, and in the end many, many many shall find that they have come to a bitter end with no escape; for they have abandonned Me, saith YHVH; and therefore I have abandonned them, for whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap, for this is the law of the harvest, and try as they might, this law cannot be broken.

Truly, My Daughter, the rebellion of My people runs deep and has long grieved
Me. Truly I have been bereaved of My children- those whom I bore and dandled on My knees- yea, the very treasures of My life, being stolen from Me. Wasted years, wasted years. When I so desired to give them My best, they refused. I was spurned like a lover and cast aside to the dogs. Therefore, the travail, My Daughter, the travail is that which I do through you; for truly I do weep. I do mourn as a Father Who has lost a child and a mother, also. Nevertheless, I have said that when Zion travailed, she would bring forth children; and so it shall be in this day, My Daughter, for I have seen your travail for many years. Yea, I have travailed through you for the sake of My people; and yea, I say of a truth, your travail shall bring forth fruit. Yea, I say, many shall be the children that you bring forth in this day; for I YHVH reward faithfulness. Yea, I reward obedience; and yea, you shall receive a double portion and more for standing with Me in the hour of My bereavement; and so shall I pour out unto you your heart's desires, for truly we are one and have been from the beginning- I in you and you in Me for all eternity.

Yea, My Daughter, fear not the fierceness of the day, for I come to judge the wicked not the righteous; for those who judge themselves in the light of My word shall be spared as a Father spares harm to His precious jewels. Yea, though the time of great trouble is in the earth, I will give My own peace- yea, peace in the storm; for this is their portion.

Yea, warn My people, My Daughter, to be prepared against the third day, for I come in vengeance against My enemies and I shall pass judgment upon the earth like never before, and countless numbers shall be slain- even millions and billions- for truly shall a man rob YHVH? Yea, My people have robbed Me for many, many years by forsaking Me and following after strange gods. Truly their gods will not save them in this day nor their idols deliver them. Yea, My vengeance shall be very, very fierce and swift; for I YHVH make no mistakes. I know those who are Mine and those who are not, and I say, there shall be a marked difference between the two in this day as I further divided the sheep from the goats. Yea, many 'baaaaa' and 'bleat' like a sheep, but not all have a true sound. So it is that I shall distinguish- yea, discern- who is who; for I am the righteous judge who know the heart- yea, the hidden chamber of a man; and I shall sentence a man accordingly, winnowing out the tares from the wheat and the corn from the barley; for truly there shall be no mixture in My kingdom- only the pure seed shall remain.

So it is that the corn and oil shall be spared in this day as a shepherd who zealously guards his sheep; and yea, those who refuse to go into My fold shall be taken- plucked out as tares; for they have no part in My kingdom.

Truly, My Daughter, much that I have spoken to My people shall now manifest. All that I revealed to My prophets of old shall come to pass, and I say of a truth, My people need to prepare against the third day that is now in the earth; for there will never again be a day like this- no never- for this is My final passing in the earth when I shall erradicate all evil so that only the righteous remain. Therefore, My people must take heed and prepare to meet Me; for truly I YHVH will not spare. Yea, I will not spare.

This is the day of the righteous who stand with Me, and they alone shall abide in the day of My coming. Yea, My Daughter, be strengthened in Me, for I am doing a great work and I will not relent until all that I have spoken is fulfilled. Yea, be strong and of good courage, for I love you, saith your YHVH. So be it.


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