The Edge of Eternity
12-1-07/12:15 AM/Lily

The days of YHVH are hastening on, and I say My people are not
prepared to stand in My presence, My Daughters. Yea, I must do
a thorough purging in My priesthood in order to bring forth a
powerful spiritual awakening. I say unto you, stand fast; for the
hearts of My people must be melted before Me. Therefore I must
do a powerful shaking in their spirits that they might be prepared
for the soon-coming advent of Messiah Prince. It is a day to be
still and know Me for I come in the still, small voice to speak
unto My true ones who are called and pre-ordained to enter into
My righteous kingdom which I am now setting up on earth. Be
strong those who bear My word, and hold fast, for the needs of My
people are very great. Yea, they are not quickened in their spirits
and know not that they are at the very edge of My Eternal Day
when I come to separate My true sheep from the goats. Truly
they have not allowed My Spirit to be born in them that they
might enter into My peace and Sabbaoth rest. My own sheep
are hearing My voice and do not follow another.

There are powerful forces coming against My own, and therefore
they need to put on the full amour of YHVH and take upon
themselves the cloak of My salvation wherein I alone am the
light, truth, and the way that will preserve them in this day; for
I indeed shall guide those of My true seed who seek Me by
My Spirit and desire to prepare their hearts to fully hear and
obey My voice.

Continue in all perseverance and endure the trials I set before you,
for I have promised to be with you and keep you in all of your ways,
and this I shall surely do without fail. Continue in earnest expectation
and waver not in your determination to rejoice and praise me in all
tribulation and affliction. Be strong in YHVH and the power of My
might, for I know your sufferings for My name's sake. My people
are not exercised in spiritual warfare and have not prepared themselves
to stand in this last, great battle to see all evil put down under the feet
of Messiah Prince.

Yea, it is a most trying and stressful day, and only the ones who are
totally yielded to My eternal Spirit and follow My intimate call shall
be able to come into the high calling of incorruption and immortality.
My people need a true spiritual awakening, and the time is late. Truly
they must shake off the grave clothes of flesh and blood and enter into
a deep covenant walk with Messiah Prince.

Hold fast and never let go of the horns of the altar, for My own know
not the higher walk of the Spirit. There must be a total changing in the
priesthood whereby I shall bring forth a oneness and unity that I may
be able to pour down My Spirit without measure.

Stand upon your post as my true intercessors for My Spirit shall move
to bring forth My greater works to fully prepare My Ishryah for their
walk into My glorious kingdom. Be encouraged in your spirits, for I
shall reveal unto you how great things I shall do for My name's sake.
There is nothing too hard for Me to do. There is a way that seems
right, but the ends thereof are death, and My people know not the
true pathway into My kingdom. My people know not My quickening
word made flesh nor the power that comes from My indwelt life, for
the natural man cannot endure the great trials and have the endurance
that it takes to enter My kingdom in this age. Only those who are
totally yielded to My Spirit shall know their Redeemer and be able
to remain steadfast when the powers of hell are released in the earth.
Nevertheless, I come for those of My own who hearken and obey
My word. Never falter or waver at the extreme pressures that you
are called to bear, for I need you to intercede in travail of Spirit
for My own who are yet unprepared to meet Me.

Yea, I am coming in power and might to overturn, overturn, and
overturn, and I shall cause great destruction as I remove those
who think they they are Mine but do not the will of YHVH in
joy, humility, and love.

Photo: Early morning mist, Lake Wesserunsett 2015