May 22, 1972/Lily

Empowered by the Spirit-

Indwelled by the Son-

Yahweh, the Father, tabernacling in mortal man!

This great triune, ever present to abide

Is the hope of our inheritance,

Our ever-constant peace!

The battle swirls, the enemy roars-

The foes so sully surround!

Yahweh, our Father, in power and majesty

Breaks forth in these vessels of clay,

Bringing us into the fullness of Messiah

Who reigns in us from within!

We overcome and march forth in praise!

The trumpet sounds, "Go forth, go forth-

Not fearing the slight of men!"

Yahweh's mighty army is rising up,

Not breaking rank…marching forth!

All powers of hell shall soon be put down:

The lying tongues, the craftiness of men-

All part of satan's powerful unseen host!

These shall no longer be in control,

As the day of Yahweh draws near!

Yahweh's army moves by His Divine command:

He speaks forth from the depths within us-

His Spirit, the conquering force, is the victory won!

Our part is sure as He leads from within,

Causing His resurrection power to overcome in us!

The despised few who love not their lives to the death,

Having sold out all to Him-

They look not back nor fear the cost

Though they be scorned, rejected, and forsaken by men!

Their place is secure in the shelter of His arms-

Ever more in His presence to reign,

Delighted and thankful are they to be in the Master's fold,

Wherein life and light will dwell eternally!

New light breaks through in this heavenly realm,

As Divine revelation is revealed day by day!

The living Word becomes manifest in our flesh-

Yahweh's presence in us ever more to dwell!

The old flesh dies, the life of Messiah lives-

Transforming our vessels of dust

To a lively hope- a promise given!

New life, new birth- perfected from within-

We are purged, sanctified, chastened, and refined,

As Messiah's life is formed and matures in us,

Thus a true son of Yahweh is born!

So, Beloved Brethren, hold fast,

Always abounding in the work of Yahweh!

He will never leave you nor forsake you!

Your calling is from the foundation of the world!

You are called, chosen, and ordained in Him

Who alone is our Beloved three in one!

Our Yahweh is the Master of all tests and trials!

All darkness is dispelled in the power of His Shekinah light!

His light is the key to the fulness of truth!

Wisdom and knowledge and fear of Yahweh

Brings understanding of His deeper revelation truths;

Each is a part of His pattern that unfolds from within,

Breaking forth righteous fruit in new temples of Yah!

All earthly flesh is dead and gone,

As conception and new birth breaks forth!

The seed of life becomes fully grown as we mature in Messiah-

No longer the carnal self to rule!

All self life is brought into subjection to Messiah,

His rule and reign over the throne of our hearts,

Bringing our will unto full surrender in Him!

In obedience we stand unto He speaks to move!

We will advance only at His command,

As He quickens and directs us from within!

His light shines forth in the darkness,

As the Son manifests Himself in us,

To shine forth in these days of gross darkness,

Radiating His light and effulgent glory!

Through the manifested Messiah in you

Comes forth Yahweh's chosen priesthood to praise Him,

Our lives being perfected day by day!

Yahweh's army claims it inheritance through Him

For they are His called, chosen, and ordained!

We gain Messiah the Son of the Eternal Yahweh

As well as the Father and the Holy Ghost, Mother Jerusalem!

Yea, listen to the voice of Yahweh our Father,

"Ask and it shall be given you,

For all things are Mine to do with

As you seek to glorify Messiah!"

Therefore magnify Yahweh the Father,

And lift up Messiah, the Holy One!

There are great blessings for those who sacrifice all,

Leading a hidden, sold-out life-

A life of overcoming in Messiah

As the enemy of our old nature leaves!

The mind, body, and soul are released

As the perfecting of Yahweh's Spirit in us is complete:

The mind is renewed, the body redeemed, and the soul purified

And brings forth the power of His Spirit in us!

The resurrected life of Messiah is wrought in us!

Yea, look up, rejoice, and praise Him!

Your full redemption draws nigh!

The fullness of Yahweh becomes manifest in you!

Yea, harken! The Master calls!

Yahweh Almighty is His name!

Glory be to Yahweh! Praise and honor Him,

As He walks day by day in you!