Eternal Restoration

My eternal restoration is being manifest in My own
Who have prepared themselves to walk with My Lamb;
Yea, the day of their deliverance is near at hand
As I YHVH come to transform and restore My faithful ones.

Keep in My word that you may hear My voice this day,
For great victories I shall bring those who overcome all;
The seed of My inheritance shall rise up in power
To conquer those who seek their demise!

Watch in this day as I move to bring great victories
Unto My own who walk fully by My Spirit;
I shall fulfill My greater works in these
Who walk by faith and not by sight.

In this day I shall put down all that seeks to destroy,
For My ways are perfect and greater than all;
I will take care of My little flock in the earth
Who earnestly love and obey Me, I say.

Mighty power is released from My hand
To accomplish the greater works which I have spoken;
Though many foes surround in this day,
Soon you shall look, and they will not be found!

Truly I am moving mountains for My own
Who are sequestered in the hollow of My hand;
My Eternal Spirit is ever bringing healing,
So be blessed, My Beloved, by all that I do.

I have a way of watching over My chosen ones
Of the twelve tribes of Jacob-Ishrayah this day;
So be strengthened in My word and walk in My truth,
For I am your I AM Who keeps guard over you.

Many assaults are being thrust fiercely upon My own,
But no matter the battle, I will take you through;
My covenant promises cannot be disannuled-

You will come forth in effulgent glory, for I am with you!

(Above Photo: Lilacs in the garden of Gertrude Ministries)

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