We're going because you said, "Go!", Yah!

We're trusting because your word cannot lie!

The Holy Spirit is our guide and shield,

Preparing us for the battle of faith!

The arm of Yahweh is outstretched,

Covering the whole earth-

Reaching hearts who follow His leading,

Uniting as one in Him!

Precious Savior, you are our desire and will!

We are surrendered to your Divine will,

Preparing for us a way and a leading-

Reaching the lost for Him!

We depend wholly on your Divine Spirit

To prepare hearts along the way;

We know not how the doors will open:

Yahweh has said, "By My Spirit, I'll pave the way!

It won't be by power or might

The hand of Yahweh shall move:

I shall move by My Spirit alone, even as I've said.

The way will be a walk of faith:

The pattern I'll reveal unto you;

Even as Moses of old was led,

I'll open My will to you!"

Don't be amazed at the workings of Yahweh!

He'll do as He promised you!

The pattern in the Mount is all you need

To guide each step of the way!

The pattern revealed by the hand of Yah

Is the way He'll take you through!

"Dear one, chosen in Yahshua My Beloved,

Harken to the warnings I've given

Lest you meet pitfalls along the way!

The hand of the enemy is out to conquer,

But My arm shall take you through!

Seek early My counsel in all things,

Be bent wholly to do all My will!

The promises I've revealed in secret

Will truly be fulfilled-

Bringing glory to the Son of Yah!"