Forward, My Beloved!

In testings and trials a NEW SEED comes forth
That has passed through death unto life-
A place where glory abides in triumph
Of resurrected life over the grave.

The mind of Messiah arises in HOPE
To begin a further teaching in you
Of the greatness of eternity's boundaries
That have been sealed from your view.

A life that has conquered the extremities
And pressures I have allowed you to bear
To dwell fully in new garments of salvation
As you walk in newness in Me.

A SEED producing life and beauty
As the flower begins to bloom
With the glow of eternity's fullness,
Glowing like a flame within your breast.

A love union consummated in YHVH
Through the arising of the Son-
The manifestation of Jerusalem's power
To bring new light unto you.

These days of My holy appearing
Are manifest in the First Born Ones
Of the glorious Priesthood of Melchezidek
Brought forth in My Daughters and Sons.

An arising of eternal power and glory
Wherein I AM is fully released in them now,
For this is the year of My Beloved
Who walk in the light of Yahshua, My Son.

The release that I bring you, My Beloved,
Is that of My Glorified Ones
Who shall appear as the sun rising
In glorious attire like the light of the sun.

An arising in GLORY and LIGHT SUBSTANCE,
Containing the new wine for this day
That has been trampled in the wine press,
Cleansing the blood stream of My Sons.

A Son, like after Melchezidek
Neither female nor male-
Without generation is My Priesthood
Of pure, sanctified ones.

A family so chastened and disciplined
As Enoch was in his day
Who was not, for YHVH took him
Apart fully unto Himself.

A Son as Yahshua Messiah,
Experiencing crucifixion by the knife
To bring forth heart and mind circumcision
As My word becomes flesh in them.

To taste the finality of crucifixion
As carnal life is dealt its cruel blows-
To place in the grave all negativity.
Allowing LIFE to spring forth into view.

A crossing from the old ways into newness
Of inborn resurrection life-
The Son is released to rule now
And release you fully into My light.

A timing is being completed
As the unity in My body appears-
When My love shall reign triumphant
In My family that is pure and undefiled.

A placing into the Priesthood
Is sprouting forth into fruition
As My grace is fully wrought within.

New STRENGTH is given in power,
For the old life is forever gone-
When in totality I reserve the best fruit
To be implanted in My Daughters and Sons.

The fruit of My Spirit, a special fruit
Brought through the refining fires of I AM,
Where the old branch of self is cut off
And the vine of Messiah appears.

Grafted into the main line
Of the family of your YHVH
Eternity's great releases are yours now
To bring you the fulfillment of your call.

So I say, Arise now, My Beloved,
That the process of growth may abound,
Expanding into the ages of eternity
With new teachings for My chosen ones.

You have learned as calves in a stall-
Each one learning to walk in Me-
None depending upon another,
But trusting Messiah Yahshua to lead.

As calves growing fat in YHVH,
Being placed now side by side
To walk out the resurrection pattern
Of their Kinsman Redeemer, Messiah.

This company has been tested beyond measure
And assaulted by the adversaries' snares-
Pounded and thwarted on every hand
To make fine gold in My glorified ones.

A vessel strong and steady,
Not yielding to the hammer's blows
That pounds out the old death substance
And removes the chaff from the wheat.

A vessel made ready for conflict
A diamond with its facets cut
That shall reveal the inherent beauty
Which the Potter has wrought within.

A walk of total obedience
In the light of the glorified ones
Who shall form an invisible army
Of great power and liberty.

Marching forth in this great New Day-
Regeneration has fully begun-
The process of reconciliation
Of My family back unto YHVH.

Each vessel, perfected in My beauty-
Each one delivered from death unto life
To fulfill the ministry of reconciliation
Of creations returned unto Me!


Photo: Sunflower, 2008- Mary

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