The Grim Reaper
December 27, 1997/8:10AM/Lily

The Grim Reaper has been released in the earth-
Sent forth to fulfill the plan of I AM;
He cometh this day to reap those
Who lived their lives more than Yahshua, My Son.

The clarion call has sounded, the hour is very great
When the saints shall rule and reign in earth-
A time when the evil and defiled
shall evermore be gone from view.

Glorious time, this day of appointment
For Yah's people who've harkened to come
And lay down their lives and walk on forth
To fulfill His last great plan.

The earth restored back to Eden so pure;
Only the pure in heart shall remain,
Others shall go by the firey grave
Where soul alone shall be saved.

These could not harken to My truth, I say,
To repent and be made whole
And filled with My powerful Holy Spirit
And purified in My Holy Ghost fires.

These sought to enter Yah's kingdom
As goats, rejecting Yah's perfect plan,
Refusing the power of His life-quickening Spirit
And going on forward in their carnal ways.

These worship men and family and houses,
Not putting Yahshua first in their lives;
they've sold out Yahshua in this hour,
Having no place for Him to rule and reign.

So sad it will be when the grim reaper comes;
these rebellious ones shall not be able to stand-
They've turned their hearts to worship idols,
Despising the cross, they've paid a great price.

Life cannot be without Hholy Ghost repentance
And a yieled, broken, contrite spirit;
these reject My truth, despising Me,
And Yahshua Messiah, who died to set them free.

So late it will be to the masses and throngs
Who walk in a wayward way,
Not allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them;
these are lost to the traditions of fallen men.

Beloved one, if you are not prepared,
Hasten quickly to the cross and repent;
Put on your garments of salvation,
Life and light and immortality.

Lest I say in this day, Beware:
My grim reaper comes for you!
Awaken, awaken, before it's too late,
I am the door into eternal life.