On the night of June 2, 1993, around 9:30PM, a terrible feeling came over me. I felt as though all my breath was going out of me and I was going to die. My sister was upstairs, so I decided to go up to my room and lie down. As I went into my room, YHVH witnessed to my sister and me that this faintness was of the Spirit. I felt as though all life was leaving my body and that I was dying. I lay on the bed for some time. As I was quiet, YHVH impressed upon my spirit an impending disaster- one of great magnitude- an explosion or bomb that would take many, many, many lives. At 10:25PM YHVH spoke the following words to me- Mary.

Yea, there are storm clouds over Washington, and many new upheavals in the earth; for verily, these are days of My holy indignation, saith Yahweh, when My vengeance shall come upon the whole earth. Yea, watch Islam; for this is a rising nation, a nation to be feared; and indeed, the tide of Islam is greatly swelling. Yea, there shall be many new incidents of terror this year as Islamic factions make their bid to be seen and heard. Of a truth, Libyan terrorists are on the rise and these people stop at nothing in their bid for demise. Yea, they do not compromise. Truly the Eastern sect is becoming more powerful in the world, and these forces shall inflict much havoc. I say of a truth, it is a day of much confusion in the earth, when the streets shall be covered with blood, and the cries of victims shall be heard. I say, America will not escape My judgment. Yea, the great alien hordes are as a seething mass of unrest, and these are constantly stirred in their own ideas of justice. Yea, I say, this is the time when many shall be put to the test and come under extreme fire; for it is the time when the world is out of control and chaos reigns. Though many would say this is not true, I say it is so. Yea, if I, Yahweh, did not move in this day, the earth would veritably explode. I say, many do not realize how close the world is to disaster. I say of a truth, there are many plans afoot to engender world-wide control, and truly the world looks to the pope
. Yea, man always fashions his gods unto himself, and the pope is no exception. Yea, he is merely a man. Yea, many shall glorify the pope and idolize the church, and indeed, it is an awesome hour for those who would seek to gain the upper hand in the earth. Yea, Gorbachev is not silent and what he does, many do not know; but I, Yahweh, see the affairs of men and recognize their desires to rule the world. The news media has done well in painting a slick picture of an evil system. The West has capitalized on the Soviet system in ways that are most alarming. Yea, I have shown throughout the age the great curse that falls upon a people that refuses to love and serve Me. Yea, I have shown in My word the great destruction that has befallen My Israel because they did not obey Me. Yea, it is not enough to know who I am and for what purpose Yahshua was sent into the world. Yea, I, Yahweh, shall require more than head knowledge of My word in this day; for it will take obedience and commitment and endurance and faith to survive this day. I say, many do not take My word seriously, and indeed, the powers of hell remain committed to their evil task and these, indeed, persevere to accomplish what they have set out to do. Of a truth, the strength of My people shall not be in their number; for I, Yahweh, have only a few who are obedient and hear Me. Yea, these I can use. Those who are only half committed or seek compromise with the world shall not make it through. Yea, many are trying to buy their way into My Kingdom, but it will never work. Others decree there is a new gospel, but I say, do not believe it. There shall be many false messiahs who come in My name, and desperate people shall flock to the one of their choosing. Yea, those who know Yahshua shall read the signs of the times and know that the days are short. And yea, the times of entering in are now. For many, it shall be too late. They shall run for the rocks and hills to hide them, but there shall be no escape; for I say, America has compromised and her destruction shall be very great. Yea, I have seen the churches and the leaders of the country, and for the most part, they are self-seeking. There are very few true shepherds over My flock. Yea, I say, I am raising up a few faithful ones who shall be stalwart in this day. I shall train and teach these who minister My word, and yea, I shall cause them to feed My flock. Yea, I, Yahweh, am causing a greater gathering of My own true sheep and these are being herded along the narrow pathway into My kingdom. I, Yahweh, am making Myself known unto a few, for truly I shall have a faithful remnant who delight in knowing Me. Yea, I say, it is a day when there shall not be much to do save to be about the business of building My kingdom. Yea, many do not know true priorities; for some, it shall be a time of chastening, perchance they will repent and turn unto Yahshua. Yea, the days are so evil that many shall not believe that such a day could come to pass, and verily, I will give the world more evil than it can chew. I say, now is the time for many new sorrows to begin, and yea, the sorrows shall escalate as with the pangs of childbirth; but I say, the world cannot bring forth and yea, the only conception in this hour shall be that of the man of sin. Yea, many shall grieve in this day for times past and the days of sunshine and flowers; but there shall be no relief of the continual woe that shall be fall the earth; for verily, in this day, Babylon releases her final woes. Yea, so also, many have loved the good god. There is always such talk of good fortune and prosperity, but where did it all go? Yea, suddenly, it is gone. Yea, in one day, prosperity is swallowed up and the people wonder what went wrong. Yea, where did their good god go? Yea, he who loves them so much, why did things have to happen so? Of a truth, many shall die with their questions unanswered, and there shall be a hollowness and emptiness in many streets. Yea, people shall become merely a commodity to be shuffled to and fro; for, in reality, it is satan's kingdom that rules in the streets. I say, the devastation in many cities shall become increasingly great, and soon there shall be many places that shall be considered target zones. Yea, the world has been divided for many years into certain regions and these places shall become territories of conflict and, indeed, they shall become known as red zones. I say, while most of the world has been sleeping, I say, there are those who have been plotting their course to a unified front of the Communist Manifesto. Yea, there are certain signs that I have, indeed, given unto My own who shall endure unto the end this day; and truly unto My faithful flock, I shall reveal My promises. For the most part, My work is hidden and much of what I say is in parables, for the wise shall hear and comprehend. Yea, I have chosen this day to preserve My true Israel; for these I, Yahweh, have ordained to pass through the waters and the fires and not be consumed. Yea, no man nor woman nor child in this day shall be preserved unless he knows Me.

When Father was done speaking, He impressed KOREA upon my spirit. The impression was that Korea was sending missiles/bombs upon America. He also showed me two flags in the Spirit: Cuba and Liberia.

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Within a few days of receiving this prophecy, news of a similar prophetic warning came to us from David Wilkerson of Times Square Church in New York City. In this letter, the Holy Spirit had witnessed to David about a coming great explosion.

On February 20, 1998, we received another writing from David Wilkerson that confirms the lateness of the hour. The following is an excerpt from his letter:
“For the past few months I have been preaching at Times Square Church about ‘America’s last call. This series of prophetic messages has so deeply stirred my soul. The premise of these prophetic messages is that prosperity is God’s last call to a society just prior to judgment and chastening.
I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to take a thirty-day leave of absence from my duties at Times Square Church and shut myself in with God to complete a book by the same title, America’s Last Call. I am not a prophet, but I do know I am one of His many watchmen. And I see a great storm coming. I hope to have the book finished and printed within the next few months and will make it available to our readers first.” - David Wilkerson/ World Challenge, Inc., P.O. Box 260, Lindale, Texas 75771
Note: David Wilkerson's book, America's Last Call is now available at the above address.