May 20, 1998/11:45PM/Mary

Yea, My daughters, the world is entering a time of very great woe- yea, very great woe; and I say, there are great thunder clouds on the horizon- and yea, an evil spirit is released in the earth; and yea, many shall die, for it is the day of mass destruction- yea, a day of ill winds and strange phenomena- and yea, strange occurrences- yea, a day of earth-shakings and rattlings- a day of terror. Yea, truly it shall be a day like never before; for I, Yahweh, am raining down My judgment upon the nations, and I say, you shall now see My greater judgment upon America- yea, My greater judgment upon its leaders and those who have conspired to destroy My holy sanctuary. Yea, I shall bring judgment upon the Clintons, and yea, My hand shall move very quickly to destory My enemies, saith Yahweh. Yea, many do not think that I see and hear what they do, but I say, I regard the hearts of all men; and yea, I shall bring to pass great judgment upon this nation. Yea, I am moving quickly to tear down all opposition to My kingdom, for I, Yahweh, shall destroy the unrighteous; and yea, I shall establish My holy kingdom and none shall stop Me. Yea, many you know shall soon be taken, for I, indeed, am moving on behalf of Mine elect whom I have chosen in the earth to carry My sceptre as My anointed ones; and yea, My Word shall reign in this day. Yea, My Word shall reign above all words of men, for I say, the power of men shall fail; and yea, even the strongest of men shall be made weak, for I, Yahweh, do gather together My army in the earth and yea, the saints of Yahweh shall prevail; and yea, My saints shall judge the nations and establish My kingdom; and yea, My reign in the earth shall be established forever and none but the righteous and the holy shall enter in. Yea, none but the pure in heart shall see Me; and yea, the time of blessedness is reserved for those who love and serve Me. Yea, watch, I say; for the days grow heavy in the earth. Yea, watch matters with India and the southeast, for these ill winds grow very big; and yea, there are many upheavals taking place in the earth and some I have spoken of for many years of earthquakes and famines- yea, volcanoes and strange phenomena in the earth and heavens; and truly it is an eeire day, full of anxiety and lamentation; and truly the days of great travail have now hit the earth; and yea, it shall come as a great ball- yea, a ball of fire from the sky; and there shall be thunderings like never heard of before; and I say, the heavens shall heave and great cry and the earth shall sigh and shake and many shall die. Yea, I say, many, man shall die; and I say, most are not awake to hear My cry to repent and turn to Me; for I say, in these days, the heavens, indeed, shall melt with fervent heat and if I, Yahweh, did not shorten the time, none would survive; for I say, the angels of destruction have been sent out; and yea, I, Yahweh, have given My command to go into the earth and reap- yea, reap destruction- yea, reap the destroying ones. Reap those who have despised My Son and His kingdom- who have shed innocent blood, who have done wickedly, seeking all the while to set up their own kingdoms and exalt themselves above the Most High. Yea, truly My decree is set and what I have spoken shall be performed, for I am the Elohim of hosts and yea, I am sovereign above all. Yea, you shall now see a new wave of terrorism across this country, and it shall rock this nation; and yea, this nation shall be as an open tomb; and yea, the earth shall swallow up the dead; and yea, you shall see massive destruction soon. Yea, so many do not believe My Word. They have been foolish and sodden as pigs. Yea, they have lived unholy lives- yea, unclean- not desiring My cleansing stream, despising the Lamb's blood that can mamek them clean; and yea, who call themselves Mine are wasted on riotous living, perverting My sanctuary with unholy convocations, making light of My Word and giving in to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. Truly the evil one does much work in the churches; and yea, many, many, many in the churches are deceived; and there comes a day, saith Yahweh, when the deceived will perish; for indeed, there were five foolish virgins and five were wise. The wise sought Me, despiring My presence, delighting in My anointing- yea, My Word that abides forever; but the foolish sought Me not nor did they search Me out, but were wasted on traditions and doctrines of men, caring more for the things of this world than My kingdom and truly these shall be removed. Yea, My people do not take My Word seriously. Yea, I brought to bear great judgment upon the land of Egypt because My people were being held captive, and truly I shall bring to bear even greater judgment upon America, for I have seen the oppression against My seed, and I have seen the persecution of My righteous ones and I shall vindicate My name; and yea, I, Yahweh, shall fight for My own who have been faithful to stand with Me; and yea, terrible days shall come- and yea, are now here. I say, there shall be a terrible shaking in the Midwest, and yea, the earth shall open and mighty rivers shall rise; and I say, My judgment in this day shall make My judgments in Egypt look very small- yea, very small. Yea, there shall now be massive outbreaks of many plagues, and truly the day of sorrows has come; for I, Yahweh, shall consume and destroy, reaping the harvest of the ungodly; and truly I shall not relent until all that I have spoken is done. Yea, watch China, for her massive armies are on the move, and she is spreading her forces like wildfire; and there shall be many new developments with China very soon. Yea, I have spoken many times over many generations about the yellow peril and the thrid woe upon the nations, and this woe shall be released very soon; and truly I say, great numbers of people shall be taken. Yea, I have revealed this to many of My servants, the prophets, over the ages- yea, even to Daniel; and yea, he saw the final hours of this age in the earth; and yea, these times weighed heavily upon him that he did wax faint; and I say, the earth is now entering this hour- yea, much like the moon entering its last phase; and yea, even the heavenly bodies shall even now begin to appear abnormal with strange orbits and strange lightings. There shall even be the appearance of other moons and new orbits. Yea, indeed, the skies shall take on a strange glow and the inhabitants of the earth shall be full of fear. Yea, it is true there shall be great meteor showers at the end of this age. Yea, even this is a sign unto you; for many shall fall- even great leaders; and yea, great dictators shall rise in the earth- yea, mighty men who exalt their powers. It shall be a day of revolution. Yea, watch Cuba, for there are many small nations on the rise- yea, satellites of a larger system and these, in their time, shall see their demise; but I say, there is a massive build-up of troops coming against this nation; and yea, very shortly, oh so shortly, all hell shall break loose. Yea, watch Egypt and the Sudan, for there are changes taking place in the earth, and mighty men shall fall; and yea, I shall bring to pass turbulent seas all across this nation, making the days of the Great Depression look very small, for I, Yahweh, shall lay waste this nation America and show My sore displeasure over her gross sins and whoredoms; and I shall make her drink of her own blood and partake of her own evils, for she has devised mischief in the earth, following after strange gods, being full of whoredoms and all things abominable; and yea, I shall judge her. Yea, I shall judge her, saith Yahweh. Yea, it is truly the day for My own to hide in Me like never before; for there shall be no other escape, save to dwell in My secret place, for I come not to destroy the righteous. I come to destroy the wicked; and yea, I shall cleanse the earth from all unrighteousness as I said I would; and there are more who do wickedly than do good. Yea, I shall bring evil against the evil doer and cut off those who devise mischief and once and for all, cleanse the earth, bringing it into a new hour and a new day. I say, tremendous upheavals shall now take place in the earth such as have never been before- and yea, these shall come very, very soon; and the wise shall know and understand that it is My hand that moves. Yea, truly many shall be deceived in this day, being caught in the snare of the fowler; but those who diligently seek Me shall be preserved. Yea, I say, it is an awesome hour- yea, an awesome hour as My angels of destruction are loosed.