Repent, America!
"Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evil doers, children that are corruptors: they have forsaken Yahweh, they have provoked that Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward. Why should ye be stricken any more? Ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even unto the heard, there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, nor bound up, neither mullified with oilment. Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers."-Isaiah 1:4-7

Many do not believe the Creator of heaven and earth, Yah-Yahweh, becomes angry, but He does! Yahweh, by the very nature of His righteous and holy character, abhors sin. The Bible tells us that He cannot look upon sin. Yahweh loves righteousness and hates evil, thus causing Him to be a 'man of war' against all that is unrighteous. Scripture is filled with accounts of Yahweh's anger against the unrighteous- whether individuals or nations. He has been known to destroy singularly or collectively those who defy His word and live unrighteously. Repeatedly He is known throughout the old and new testaments as one who smites the wicked and removes them from the earth.

America has become a wicked nation in the eyes of Yahweh because of her gross disobedience to His laws and commandments. We live in a liberal society whose moral code has nearly destroyed the very soul of this nation. Though the sins of this nation are numerous, America will be judged in particular for its pervasive acceptance and practice of abortion and sodomy. These two sins alone kindle the anger of Yahweh to such a degree that He has been known to destroy whole cities for these sins. Little does the average person realize that Yahweh is serious when He says He hates certain practices. When it comes to destroying the sanctity of life that Yahweh alone has created, He will roar out of Zion and will not spare to remove those who persist in commiting these evils.

The following news articles give evidence of a nation that has gone mad, drunk on its blatant rebellion against Yahweh.We have become a nation that is quick to slaughter babies in the womb but go to great lengths to save whales and spotted owls; a nation bent on living like animals when, ironically, some animals live cleaner lives than most humans. May Yahweh help us...

And then we wonder why YHVH's judgment is upon America...Woe, Woe, Woe!

Vermont Governor OKs Gay-Couple Unions
April 27, 2000 The Associated Press
By Ross Sneyd

MONTPELIER, VT- Gov. Howard Dean signed a first-in-the-nation law Wednesday granting gay couples nearly all of the benefits of marriage.

"I think it is a courageous and powerful statement about who we are in teh state of Vermont," the Democrat said. "I also believe that this legislation speaks to the heart of this state, and certainly to my heart."

The legislation creating marriage-like "civil unions" reached the governor's desk shortly before lunch time, just a day after the House gave its final approval. and by the time of a 2 p.m. news conference, he already had signed it out of view of TV cameras, photographers and reporters.

Dean said he signed the bill privately because he did not want the ceremony to be a triumphal party by supporters of the law. Insteas, he said, it was time for the state to begin healing.

"In politics, bill-signings are triumphal," he said. "they represent overcoming of one side over another. These celebrations, as the subject of the matter of the bill, will be private."

The law will allow gay couple to form civil unions beginning July 1. That will entitle them to all of the 300 or so rights and responsibilities available to married couples under Vermont law in such areas as taxes, inheritance and medical decision-making.

Other states probably will not recognize Vermont civil unions, and such status will not entitle gay couples to any of the benefits available to married coules under federal law in areas such as taxes and immigration.


Town Holds Alternative Celebration
July 5, 2000 Bangor (Maine) Daily News
By Sharon Mack

WEST ATHENS- the scene was a little rural road and a large gravel pit, but the entertainment was far from run-of-the-mill Tuesday afternoon at the 26th annual West Athens Fourth of July parade and gravel-pit play.

The events were about an hour and a half late getting started- which seems to happen every year- but the laid-back, 'old hippie' crown didn't seem to mind.

The West Athens parade isnt' held so much to celebrate the country's independence as the independence of free-thinkers and others who choose an alternative lifestyle.

The irreverent, wacky, anti-government play held in a gravel pit each Fourth of July was performed Tuesday afternoon to a capacity crowd.

Hundreds of people from all over Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire gathered to experience 'truth through satire,' although some parade watchers wondered if this year's offerings weren't a little too much over the edge.

Sideline comments were not complimentary for a float dedicated to the anus and a group of mud dancers with bared breasts. "there are too many children here for this stuff," remarked one person. "that is so gross," said another.

The parade rules were simple: Show up. With those in and out of the parade dressed outrageously, it was hard to tell where the parade ended and the crowd began. the parade and play humor is tongue-in-cheek and often irreverent, but is offered with a spirit of fun and survival.

Water ballons and squirt guns are de rigeur for both those in and out of the parade. In an adjoining gravel pit, with picnic table conveniently placed with a view of the parade, the Athens Wesserunsett Valley Fair Association cooked up hot dogs and fried dough.

Floats and 'marching' groups that received applause and cheers from sidelines included the Central Maine Samba Band, a group dedicated to world peace, and a newlywed couple, hitched for just three days, celebrating the joy of marriage. The In Spirite of Life Players of the Athens area presented their annual state production in a gravel pit at the parade's end on Chapman Valley Road. The pit acted as a natural amphitheater, and more than 300 people became an instant audience.

The annual send-up of capitalism and greed, written and performed by the In Spite of Life Players, was 'Alien Gonzales,' aspoof on the plight of Elian Gonzales, the Cuban child who became a political pawn after he was rescued off the coast of Florida.

The play traditionally uses satire and wit to recap national news and events, and this year's production mixed Cubanism with Cubism and had Castro related somehow to Pablo Picasso.


by Blaquita Cullum ( 10/27/99

Living children are being killed in abortion clinics and chopped up for parts...We've seen a price list.. It includes $75 for an eye, $600 for a cadaver, $375 for a spinal cord. It's as if you're going to an automotive parts store to buy a carburetor or some or part for your car.

Sen. Bob Smith of New Hampshire has been fighting to end this gross aberration of medical ethics. He noted that the Senate has passed a ban on partial-birth abortion, but that it again failed to get enough votes to override the President's certain veto.  The 63-34 vote to ban the procedure did, however, show that pro-life advocates retain their clout in the Congress and send a message to the Peter Singers of the world. Singer, as you know, is the bio-ethics professor at Princeton University who basically says parents ought to be able to kill their babies up to 28 days after they been born.  He's really suggesting that it's acceptable to kill disabled infants.

Smith said it's very frustrating each time his side ultimately loses on the abortion issue, after a Bill Clinton veto.  "In the end, we wind up with more babies dying," he said.  A total of 40 million children have died since Rowe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.  Smith recounted shocking information received about the sale of body parts once the babies are aborted.

The children in partial-birth abortions are literally being executed as they exit the birth canal. It's just beyond comprehensive that we cannot get 67 people in the U.S.Senate to say we want to stop this.  "And then this President - I hesitate to call him that - who will veto it," Smith said.

He received a first-hand report from a woman who witnessed twin babies born alive at six months in a botched abortion. They were okay. They would have lived. The babies were supposed to be chopped into parts.  The woman who was supposed to be buying the body parts, once she saw that they were born alive, said wait a minute, she can't do this.  She can't be a part of this.  And the abortionist said, no problem, took some water and poured it into the pan right up over the babies faces and noses and drowned them.  Two little twin babies.  This is going on in America.

Smith said he pleaded with his colleagues on the Senate floor that this is not about a budget cut or a tax-cut.  It's about children. I have to wonder how Barbara Boxer can sleep at night. Smith says he doesn't know how any of the pro-abortionists sleep at night.   He described how a woman typically will walk into an abortion clinic probably anywhere from a month or two to six months pregnant.  Let's assume she's up to five or six months.  We know that this fetus if viable.  While she's sitting there being prepped for this abortion, in another room - and we're not exaggerating - sits a wholesaler.  A middle man, or woman.  They've already received a sheet describing the health of the pregnant woman, including her blood type and the condition of her fetus.  They have a complete work-up on her.  And meanwhile, the baby is still alive in her womb.

Here is this person in the other room, sitting there with the work-up sheet.  The instant the abortion is completed they take this baby and cut it up, in accordance with the work order.  A certain company may want a liver.  And it has to be a normal liver.  And here is the horror of it all, Smith noted.  "This is where it really gets ugly".

There are really only four or five ways to abort.  One is saline, which basically poisons the child.  Another is chopping the child to pieces.  A third way is to go through mother's abdomen and stab the child in the heart.  These types of abortion cause problems for the butchers and middle men because they result in the dissolving of the child's organs.  The question then becomes, how can you sell the organs under these conditions? The answer is, you really can't.  The organs aren't acceptable, because they've either been chopped up, poisoned or dissolved.

So what happens next? Partial-birth abortion - or live-birth abortion, or induced abortions where you get live babies with good material, good fresh tissue.  Smith said he was using the words right off the work-up charts.  And then, after the baby is aborted, they chop it up in the lab, right there where this woman has had the abortion.The butchers put the parts on ice and send them to universities, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), or private researchers  - Barbaric.

Smith says he's going to get to the bottom of it if it's "the last thing I do".  Pro-life groups have  fought back with advertising that says adopt, don't abort, and abortions are decreasing. Doctors are refusing to perform them. Nurses are refusing to administer.  Hospitals are refusing to participate.The ironic by-product of this is that the abortionists are not making enough money, so they have to sell the body parts to make it up.

Smith is not the type who worries if something is going to be politically correct, or if the press is going to be with him when it comes to issues that are morally right.  He has always stood for the unborn, and he has stood for soldiers missing in action.  He said another "shocking little secret" about the industry is that many women are maimed.  Some are turned into vegetables. Some are sexually abused or mocked as they're lying there, by the unethical pigs that work there.

It is really amazing what is going on.  If you go to a hospital, you have to have a trained anesthesiologist. But when you knock a woman out in some of these abortion clinics, the attending personnel aren't trained.  We've had women who never really awakened and are in a vegetative state.  It is just unbelievable, the horror that is going on in the name of the health of the woman.  They're not only making all this money from the abortion, but then they sell the parts and get more money on top of that.

Smith said it's almost as if they're beef-buyers going to the market and looking at the steer on the hoof. It's as if they're saying, okay, there's the hindquarter, we'll take that.  They are literally looking at  this women coming into that abortion\par clinic with a live child inside her - A normal child  - and they're insisting that this unborn child, once it's aborted, have no abnormalities.

So if you are the abortionist, and you have four different options to provide a fetus, and they want no abnormalities, and you know that three of the four are going to create abnormalities and ruin the specimen, what are you going to do? Well, partial-birth  - or live-birth.
Livers 30 percent off if significantly fragmented, or $150 if perfect
Brains $999, with a 30 percent discount if fragmented
Ears, $75

Eyes, $75
Intact embryonic cadavers, $600 ...

And then they try to tell you that this is not a price list ..
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