What is Love?

Love is the essence of new life in Him-

Obedient to all His word manifest;

Love suffers long and is ever kind

When others need a helping hand.

Love is walking the pathway to light,

Learning the full pattern through Yahshua Messiah.

Love is walking in unison and love

By the Spirit of Life and the word made flesh.

Love is working out your salvation

Realizing, without Him His way will not be trod;

Love is surmounting Mount Calvary now

And causing all old flesh to die at the cross;

Love is becoming a sweet odor of His presence

As His life within you is ever manifest,

Love is turning the other cheek to the smiters

Who cause you to suffer and endure great pressure;
Love is caring for His beloved ones,

Standing in the gap, the stripes upon your back.

Love is bearing the iniquity and shame

Of those who confess to love His name;

Love is content to be cast aside

While others are too busy to look inside.

Love is being broken and bearing forth

The shame and despite of the old rugged cross.

Love is walking another mile with those

Needing to surrender their all to His rod.

Love is a process which brings fruit unto your life

When others forsake you and despise My Messiah.

Love is the intimate walk with your Savior

Suffering the scorn and reproach from those at a cost;

Love is the shining armor that never fails

Regardless how they persecute you.

Love is endearing- so tender and kind,

Yet, when it is needed, it carries Yah's rod.

Love is the power to overcome the world

With all its worries and woes,

Love is the substance of obedience in this hour,

Looking up for your redemption, it's nigh at hand;

Love is the precious word made flesh in you,

Broken and meted out by the two-edged sword.

Love breaks asunder the old man of sin

That since Adam's fall has in the heart lived;

Love is the power to release the mind of Messiah

When the carnal will is nailed to the cross.

Love is the preparation needed to enter Yahweh's kingdom

And usher forth His kingdom in you.

Love is the portion that overcomes death

When life in abundance is yours in Yahshua Messiah;

Love is the return of the heavenly Comforter

The Holy Ghost manifest in fire and power;

Love is the breaking away from all soul power

And the physic forces which lead to death over and over;

Love is regeneration and Israel reborn

Who love not their lives to the death;

Love rises up the abased and broken

Into a rich oneness in Yahweh Elohim;

Love shall deliver Israel back to Me,

Leading thee further up Mount Calvary;

Love shall purchase you plentious redemption

As by the Word and the blood I make you new;

Love is the refining of My priesthood in this day

By the Spirit of Life and My Holy Ghost fire;

Love is Yahweh indwelt in this hour,

A revelation in flesh, released in My power;

Love is a manifestation of a whole new walk

Where the total creation returns back unto Me.

Love is the city filled with light

Where My knowledge increase day and night;

Love is the love of Yahshua in all flesh

So no longer the old nature can stay;

Love is putting off all that would offend

So I may guide and lead you, Beloved Ones.

Love is knowing the way of deep peace

With a joy that never fails;

Love is the key to a true walk in My Spirit

Where death and darkness can no more stay;

Love is redeeming in light and in truth

That My word may restore your earth;

Love is allowing Yahweh's consuming fire

To purge and purify your temple withiin;

Love shall bring you into the highest heaven

Where Yahweh reigns and rules in you.

Love keeps the commandments and eternal judgments

Lest at any time you should slip and fall.

Love will always come under full submission

To the Spirit of Life through Yahshua Messiah.

Love is longsuffering to others along the way

Who have need of help to attain their goal.

Love reaches across the barriers of time

And into the eons of the ages it is ushered forth.

Love so perfect it cannot fail

For it is the total law of Yahshua Messiah;

Love is first to Yahweh's family,

Then in His Love- one to another;

Love is that power to redeem your earth

From the curses and evils of the fall;

Love is going back in light and glory

Into the bosom of your eternal I AM.

Love is I AM, who loves you forever

As you release yourself into Him;

Love is the password to the Holy of holies

Where intimate fellowship is eternaly restored.

Love is abiding in the Holy of holies

As the cherubim of Yahweh to fulfill His will;

Love is intimate in all its dealings,

Bringing to My own the crown of life.

Love is the breaker of all the old nature

Which severe the soul and the spirit;

Love is the hammer that extends the blows

To break from your earth the curse of sin;

Love is counting your life as naught

To know Him alone at all costs.

Love is the opening of the windows of heaven

To fill you to overflowing with new life;

Love is overshadows in the day of storm

To bundle you up in the Savior's arms.

Love knows no boundaries-

It has no doors or corners;

Love is all-filling the temple of Yah.