Morning approaches when the darkness shall flee
                from off the face of the universe, I say;
It will be the day when I redeem My faithful ones
                from all that has sought to keep them bound.

They have been hidden and protected during this time
                as I’ve kept them from all that would destroy;
For these have been faithful in every realm
                to overcome all forces that have sought to stop them.

The faithful, I say, I have sheltered in this day
                in the haven of My Everlasting arms;
For this battle they could not have withstood,
                the assaults of the uncircumcised being so strong.

The faithful have taken the thrashings, forgiving all
                who have inflicted pain and pressures severe,
My own have turned the other cheek again and again
                to their smiters who unrelenting have been.

They have taken the beatings and crucifixions
                caused by those who have hated them,
Being willing to pay the cost to follow Me
               to gain entrance into My kingdom this day.

A narrow pathway it is for those who travel
                one step at a time with Me, I say;
Each alone must follow Yahshua
                Who leads them on into glorious, new realms.

Though the tests are severe and often brutal
                for those whom I have set aside;
Not much longer will they need to bear hardships,
                for a new crossing over is now theirs.

This shall be a jubilant day,
                when in light clothing they will appear
As overcomers in Prince Yahshua’s army,
             whereupon they will abide under My wings.

Victory shall be theirs forever,
             for in this race they have passed the test
To go forward in oneness with their Master,
                looking ever forward to His eternal rest.

To these who have been afflicted,
                suffering greatly from onslaughts untold,
Be encouraged and strengthened in YHVH,
                for with abundant life you will stand in Him.


Photo shown: Morning, Lake Wesserunsett, East Madison, Maine 2015

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