Toward New Victories!

Toward the upward side of Calvary
I bring you forth just now
Beyond death in all mortal reality
To ARISE in newness of life!

To become the earnest of YHVH’s inheritance
To pave the WAY, for others to come forth,
Arisen in the mind realm of your Father,
Released to fulfill His Sovereign will.

Not allowing the forces of the adversary to hinder,
For his power has been broken by your YAH,
For He fights for His inheritance that they might enter
Into the greater realms of His glorious light.

It is a WALK ordained to lead you higher
By the power of El Shaddai this day,
The anointed Raboni of Messiah
Who leads you into kingdom life.

The further humbling and processing
Is allowed My family now
As I prepare them to meet Me,
Showing them the pathway to immortality.

No more shall the adversary try to stop My own,
For there is only victory for My true family,
For I have planted the seed of immortality
Within my chosen vessels, I say.

Come forth in the morning’s new rising
As My obedient heirs of My kingdom,
For I have come to release continual victory  
As in each realm you further overcome.

The day star has arisen within your intimate being
To bring forth the fullness of Messiah in you
That is the greater ministry of El Shaddai
To My obedient Ishrayah family.

This day star is the key to eternal deliverance
In your cells, tissues, and organs
That the surging life of Messiah's resurrection power
May fully come forth in you.

No longer shall the canker worm try to devour
And place infirmity upon My own,
For My anointing shall break the yoke, I say,
To birth you wholly in this My eternal day.

The RESTORATION that I do shall be perfect
As in oneness you come unto Me,
For I have ordained you to become My inheritance
Throughout all of My eternities.


Photo: Sky, Lake Wesserunsett 2014

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