The Oncoming Storm

June 26, 1998/4:12AM/Lily

The storm of Yahweh cometh forth
In this day in great power and might;
The adversary pounds, the forces are set
Against America, My Promised Land.

The powers of satan have stirred up wrath
In a double-portion measure in this day;
Red China awaits to dethrone our country
In power and might to occupy this land.

The people of America have been asleep,
Not heeding the warnings I've given;
Clinton has taken over communist command
To bring destruction to this fair land.

The tyrants rule and the die is cast
To unseat these peoples in America;
The pagans rule and My Word is set aside,
As the adversary prepares to take control.

Yea, My people are not prepared for this war
That shall envelop all the earth;
The battle shall be fought hard and long,
Because years of compromise have destroyed this land.

The tumultuous times that come forth
Shall bring terror and fear on all sides;
None but the stout-hearted in Yahshua Messiah
Will stand and do great exploits in this day.

My Word has been rejected and refused by most
Who have loved their own ways more than Mine;
The powers of evil are shaken as the wicked persevere
To break down My righteous standards that they alone might rule.

Were it not for My remnant, My prepared ones
There should none be able to stand in this day;
Many, many, many shall fall
As the battle presses hard and long.

When terror is further unleashed,
And the shelves become empty of food,
And the monetary system fails,
My people and their idols shall grow faint.

Many shall curse Yahweh and say,
"Hasten and destroy me!" They'll not repent;
Only the ones who've been blood-bought this day
Shall know their Yahshua and stand.

Trouble, trouble, trouble on all sides:
The warheads begin to further fall;
Only the ones anchored in the Rock
Shall know their Redeemer to usher them through.

Testings and trials so great on all hands,
As the enemy surrounds and pounds;
The shores of America so soon shall be
A wasteland in many places, for destruction, I say, looms.

My people who harken and repent this day,
I shall gather unto Myself and succor;
The days press sore, the way becomes hard
To all who've refused to harken unto My love call.

To My own little ones whom I've prepared,
Stand fast and follow My intimate plans;
To these, I say, I'll keep them in this day,
Nurturing and guiding them all the way.

Come into My chambers and hide awhile
Until My indignation is overpassed;
There shall be great powers in earth shaken,
As I, Yahweh, bring an end to this age.

My people who know Me shall be kept
In safety and rest as they hide in Me;
The overcomers only shall know great victory-
All others I shall remove in this day.

My Words shall go forth as a trumpet,
Calling unto My people to repent;
What will Israel, My people do?
Will they harken and return unto Me?

I've called, I've wooed, I've pleaded with them
They in their anger defied My Word;
So many so soon shall be swept away
In My battle to destroy all evil.

In this end-age battle, the die is cast;
Many of My people will only turn away,
Defying My Word and rejecting My way;
Oh, alas, alas, these rebellious ones- I shall reject you!