September 27, 1970/Lily

One step at a time, I heard my Master say,
One step at a time and I'll lead the way-
Look unto Me, My child-
Yea, I know the steps you must take;
Look not to the east, look not to the west;
Yea, My still, small voice is there to lead;
Hold fast My hand when the darkness surrounds,
When all seems naught and against you;
Have I not promised to supply your every need-
Every step to guide along the way?
Yea, My child- My precious little one-
My all is at your command;
There's no need to fear as I lead the way
To open heaven's door;
I know your pathway, and I'll carry you along;
You'll see all I've promised on the nail-scarred way;
But have I not promised to lead you through?
Hold fast to the anchor that holds your hand;
Trust fully in My voice to lead you;
Oh, lean upon My bosom, you weary child,
Have not I followed in love before you?
I know the way, I'll lead you through
As darkness surrounds you;
For am I not the One to light the darkness
In the midst of the deepest night;
For yea, My child, I'm always there beside you
To help you in every need;
Go forth, go forth-
Hold fast My hand;
I, YHVH, will lead you through!