Onward into Perfection

My First Fruit army is moving forth
       in this great day of YHVH-
Onward into perfection,
       being prepared to fully hear and obey
The still, small voice
       of their mighty King of glory
Who says to His own,
       'Be perfect even as I am perfect!’
A minute remnant is being totally
       processed by My Spirit
In preparation for the return of
      YHVH’s word made flesh;
In this day of great trials and tribulation,
       I do My hidden work
To prepare My own to walk fully
       in My glorious light and truth.
Be confident, My Beloved Ones, who are
       called unto full body redemption-
For that which I have begun in you
       I shall surely finish;
New creations being manifest,
       not by power or might but by My Spirit;
Rejoice as I pressure you,
       for I will never fail you-
I am the great I AM, the fullness of the Almighty
       as manifest in Yahshua Messiah
Who alone is My loving Son,
       the living word made flesh.
Have great confidence that I am moving
       to recreate Messiah’s image in you-
Rejoice, My Beloved Ones, that you are
       allowed to suffer with Messiah;
In the ensuing days, you will see and
       experience mighty changes
As My Eternal Spirit comes to being you
       new and powerful anointings;
A changing, a renewal of the old
       Adamic nature is wrought
Into the likeness of your great I AM-
    just as it was in Messiah Yahshua;
What a day, when the in-part ministry
      is forever replaced
That My ministry of reconciliation
      can be released
To restore back unto My own
      the fullness of I AM
Who has wept and travailed for this
     great day of deliverance;
When the nature of Messiah
      is restored in His own;
It is a day to rejoice, and look up,
for your redemption draws nigh!

Photo: Plum Blossoms on our tree, 2012- Mary

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