December 1,1968/Lily

I walked alone in the wilderness
Along a lonely road
With only Messiah, My Savior, to guide me,
As I trudged along the road.
The way was oh, so weary-
The thorns were many on the way,
But the presence of My Redeemer sustained me,
When no light was in my way.
Completely forsaken by everyone,
Persecuted on every hand:
Merely a test to perfect me,
Making me more like Him.
To be crucified with the Master-
A privilege known to only a few,
Those who are willing to pay the cost
Wherever the path may lead.
Willing to suffer for Yahshua,
I know He'll carry me through;
Surrounded by enemies on every hand,
My foes battle me fierce on the way.
Challenged is even my very life,
A privilege of being conformed to Him:
Experiencing just some of the thorns He bore,
Realizing all the more the cost He paid
That I might through Him forever live.
He also was persecuted on every side,
And was hated and despised by all;
Yet He went on that other might live
And was hated and despised by all;
Yet He went on that others might live
And shed His blood and bore our sins;
This Lamb for sinners was slain.
Oh, Master and Savior, my prayer just now is:
Continue to make me more like you!