The Perseverance of the Saints
8/12/89- Lily

The army of YHVH is moving on forth
Into new territories of light and glory this day;
YAH's family, Oh, so tried and tested beyond measure
Learn His love and grace one hundred-fold.

They have found that the key to My kingdom is love,
Where forgiveness is the power to overcome;
They have learned joy through severe tribulation,
Knowing Yahshua as their head, He is their own.

His word becomes manifest in earthen tabernacles
Wherein these of My own are Spirit-birthed;
The kingdom of YHVH is returned to My Ishrayah
Who have gained their entrance to My eternal throne.

The way of My righteous is forever unfurled
As the army of My First-born comes forth;
I have prepared them for this great day of battle,
When all that is not of My substance shall be put down.

My word is the key to all further victories
As you put on the mind of Messiah, your crown;
My way is opened unto you in great measure
where I lead you forward to rule and reign with Me!

It is the time of My harvest when I shall bring forth
great releases unto you now one hundred-fold;
Great opportunities I have for My very own sheep
Who follow My Lamb whithersoever He goes!


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