The Plan of the Ages
July 1, 1998/9:10AM/Lily
Jeremiah 10

Yahweh moveth to usher forth His plan in the earth,
Causing the whole earth to go into great tribulation:
A pattern He has ordained from the very beginning
To bring forth this earth under His Divine rule.

A pattern so great- none shall understand
This great work that has been done by the Great I AM;
He, whose name is Yahweh Elohim,
Maker of heaven and earth and all it contains.

A people I have prepared to serve Me this day
Whom I, alone, have made ready to stand for Me,
Bringing forth My work by Divine decree,
I shall do great exploits in this new day.

The nations of the earth shall tremble and convulse,
As I utterly bear down on their evil ways;
These I'll destroy: the unrighteous ones
Who have sought to bring forth their unholy rule.

I know the workers of evil and see their plot
To destroy My Israel from off the earth;
They've schemed and plotted over the years
To bring their plan into full view.

A multi-evil serpent, spiraling about
With lying divinations and henous ways,
Seeks to rule and reign in the earth;
But I, Yahweh Elohim, shall destroy its plan.

There shall be a time when evil shall reign,
As I prepare to wholly destroy the wickedness of man;
Great powers of evil I will put down in a day,
As My work to deliver My own Israel comes forth.

Many, oh so many, shall be removed in a day,
When I, Yahweh, move to fight for My own;
My armies are set and ready to move
In My hour at hand- to destroy all evil.

The many shall not know what is coming,
As I prepare to move and set My creation free;
Great upheavals shall come over all the earth,
To cause My work to be further fulfilled.

The ones who know Yahshua as their Messiah
And are walking forward in all His ways
Shall be known as My faithful ones
Who shall stand in this time, before My throne.

These receive their orders from Yahshua their head,
Walking forward each day, following His will;
They know the hidden pathway I take them
To see My creation brought forth this day.

These shall walk forth, stalwart in battle,
As My inheritors of Mt. Zion, I say-
Moving forward, not breaking rank-
My Israel, redeemed- I protect them now.

None but the stout-hearted and prepared
Shall be able to stand in this day;
The powers of evil roar and pound,
But I, Yahweh Elohim, protect them from harm.

The times of the press become very great in the earth,
When the many shall die for great fear;
The way shall become fierce and few shall stand-
Only those who walk with Me shall remain.

Without an intimate knowledge of Yahshua Messiah,
There shall be no hope to ever stand;
These are days when I separate the sheep and goats
And bring forth My own, victorious in this day.

The people of the Book shall know Yahweh
And be kept and led by My Spirit in this day;
Intimately I will guide and succor them,
As they stand in front lines with Yahshua, My Son.

These have become known of their Father,
Yahweh Elohim, who leads them all the way;
The way they take shall be open wide to them,
As My pathway further opens unto My own.

As it was in the days of old, I say,
So shall it be in this last great day;
My work shall be done by My faithful few,
My remnant band of all Israel.

The Whore of Babylon and all her mistresses
Shall be detroyed forever from off the earth;
Her sensual, evil, henous ways I shall put down
And I, alone, shall reign.

I shall have a people I call holy unto Me:
These whom I've prepared to walk forth in My way-
A people scattered, peeled, tested, and tried-
My own whom I've gathered back unto Myself.

My way is pure and just and true:
Only the holy and redeemed shall pass through-
These are the ones who've laid down their lives
To answer to Me, responding to My love call.

The way is narrow and straight, you see;
Only My obedient ones shall find the way;
I keep at the gateway My two firey swords,
Preventing all others from coming through.

It's truly a time to wait upon Yahweh
And learn His ways to take you through;
Learn to be still and know I am Yahweh,
Who teaches you how to stand in this day.

The many shall seek and never find Me,
Not coming through My Door, Yahshua Messiah;
These seek as goats to enter another way,
But, Beloved, they will never enter in: I will reject them.

Even as thieves have rejected Me,
My Word, My way, and truth unto them-
Even so in this great day,
I also shall refuse them, I say.

I've wooed, I've called, and I've cried unto them:
Come repent now, the hour is late!
But to the many, they scoffed and sneered,
Not harkening to My love call unto them.

To these, I say, who repent not this day,
The hour will come when it will be too late;
I must now prepare My own to stand-
All others, I say, shall perish as in Noah's day.

I yet have a short season when My love call
Goes forth in power of My resurrection life
To see if others will return unto Me
And repent for rejecting My call.

These are days of very great evil,
When the walls of Jericho I am pulling down;
Man's rule has wrought a terrible mess-
Now for these, I shall move to destroy.

The troublous times for Jacob hasten on,
When My winds of change are further released;
None but the blood-bought ones shall stand-
These only are led by their Father's hand.

To restore the earth and redeem My very own
Is a great work I do, as a new age comes;
Transformed by the renewing of their minds,
Their souls are purified and wholly made clean.

Towards this day I now move swiftly
To come forth in great power to ransom My own;
I do a new work never done before
In these vessels I redeem unto Me.

Body and soul, mind and spirit
Brought into a pure, new state;
Hearts made pure and single unto Me:
This is My holy remnant I birth.

Coming forth are My own in their glorious attire
With clothing of light and immortality;
Crossing and transcending the veil of the flesh,
Coming forth into fulness with My two-edged sword.

These shall stand alone with their Yahshua Messiah
In this great, age-end battle;
These know their Yahweh and do exploits
In My work of restoring the earth.

It surely shall be a glorious time
For the ones whom I've called to be My own;
All others have chosen to go their own way,
Resisting My Word and despising Me.

So many shall cry out in this day,
As I separate the wheat from the chaff,
Saying, Didn't I do all these things in your name?
Why am I refused entrance now?

These knew about Me and My Word,
Yet they never repented and came to Me;
They had an intellectual knowledge, you see;
Truly they never, ever knew Yahshua or Me.

These taught great, swelling words, I say;
Yet their hearts never loved Me;
Bound in materialism and a social gospel they remained,
Not harkening to Yahshua's love call.

To these, I say, the die is cast;
Without true repentance unto Me-
A humble, broken, and contrite spirit,
These will never in My Kingdom be.

Compromise has caused a great turmoil,
Leading My people to worship other elohim;
They cannot hear or know My way-
They are lost in their own, obstinate way.

I say unto My own, as the whole system of man crumbles
And terror fills the earth,
I shall deliver a few who are sincere
Who repent and turn from their own way.

To the others, I say, it will be too late-
Even as it was in Noah's day;
The people cried and cried, but to no avail;
They had been warned by Noah, but it was too late.

So many think they can live life their own way
And still be saved in this end-age day;
I say to those who refuse to repent-
So, oh so soon, it will be too late.

Coming forth, I say, there shall be great upheavals,
As I fulfill My Word in this great tribulation day;
The many continue their riotous and evil living,
Despising My own and rejecting Me.

Every word in My Book shall be fulfilled:
None by good works shall enter in;
Only those born by My Holy Spirit
And cleansed by the Lamb's blood shall I accept.

Yea, I say, most shall not listen-
These only desire to turn away;
Truly it's the time for many to answer to Me;
Will they repent wholly and return unto Me?

My time to warn shall quickly pass;
I say, My Beloved, it will not last-
The My last judgment shall quickly fall,
When I reap the earth and remove them all.

So many teach there shall be another day,
But I say, this shall be My final judgment day;
All who have rejected My Son shall know
I will reject them in this last day.