There is a depth of knowledge that My people do no know, for indeed it was a great love that caused Yahshua to suffer so. Indeed, the suffering of the tree is hidden because few people truly want to know the depths to which Yahshua went to release His people. I say, the sins, the sins of My people are very great and are as one continuous roll that is a curse upon the generations. Very few know the true sufferings of Messiah, for the book indeed is filled with My glory. Yea, it is not enough to love Yahshua in name only. One must count all things loss to suffer for His name's sake; for to lose the world is to gain Messiah. Indeed Paul suffered many things that he might gain Messiah, and it is counted unto him as a great reward, for he is with Me. I say, there are many in My city of light where the tribes of YHVH congregate and in this great day, My city shall descend in the earth, and the myriads of messengers which surround My throne shall join in with the praises of My Ishrayah that the effulgent glory of YHH might fill all the earth.

Yea, I have given you a new song this day to fill your earth as I bring you across the veil to receive you as My own. I have suffered much in agony of Spirit over the lost generations, and now it is time to recall My Ishrayah and bring My lost sheep back home. I did not make Yahshua a Shepherd for naught. The herding of My people in this day shall be very great. Yea, the cattle on a thousand hills are Mine. The cattle have always been Mine and Jospeh's, too. Yea, I planted a people in the midst of Egypt to proclaim My name as YAH-YHVH, Savior and Deliverer, and I proved it so. Indeed, the days of Pharaoh are in the land, and My people suffer a vain word because of the oppressor. In all things the scriptures must be fulfilled to prove My glory, for some in this day their travail of soul shall be very great, for they have denied their Maker and Betrayed His Son, Yahshua Messiah. Yea, I say, I YHVH have been greatly betrayed by My own household.

It is an errant generation that runs to and fro in the earth, seeking a word. I say, the fulfillment of man is Yahshua Messiah, but many do not see it so. Indeed, My people are blind and dull of hearing. There is a coarse discourse from their mouths, for My people do not know My law that is LOVE. Yea, the world is wasted on what it terms love and has brought forth a perverse generation. Indeed, the anger of YHVH of hosts is kindled against those whom He calls unclean. Yea, the nations of YHVH were conceived in purity containing the attributes of I AM. Yea, the I AM is being restored unto those who are willing to enter into the fellowship of Yahshua's sufferings. Therefore, hearken, O Ishrayah, to My voice and obey Me. Yea, I am doing a new work which will be revealed in greater measure in due time. Therefore, rejoice, O Ishrayah, for your redemption draws nigh.
10-23-88/1:15PM- Mary