3/12/2022- 9:18AM- Mary



Yea, My Daughter, the world is at war, and it has been from the beginning, and so shall it be until Shiloh comes, for I YHVH have promised to deliver My people, and it shall be so, for all that I have spoken must be fulfilled even as it is written; for I YHVH have made a covenant with My people, and it shall not be broken nor infringed upon by any man; and yea, though there be many in the earth who foment war, their power shall be broken; for it is the day of broken promises- yea, the day of the double tongue- when the evil that a man does shall be exposed.

So it was that when Yahshua walked in the earth, He said, " I am come not to bring peace on the earth but a sword.'' Who could understand this dark saying in that day? And it is the same in this day, for truly, My Daughter, My people do not know My word. Yea, they do not know He Who is the word, and so the battle rages- yea, the battle for My kingdom...darkness against light; for the darkness cannot stand the light. So it is that He Who is the light will expose the darkness- yea, the great darkness that covers the earth; for many have walked in darkness, thinking it is the light; but I say, " No, no, NO!' In this day I will require My people to discern between that which is light and that which is darkness, and for many it shall be a shaking- yea, a great shaking- for My people have been deceived- yea, greatly deceived. Yea, the serpent has been alive and working since the beginning, causing My people to err, to fall- yea, fall away from Me. Yea, in My word it is called the great falling away, and it has accelerated unto this day wherein My people call good evil and evil good. Did I not warn My people through My prophets that it is so? Yea, My people have not wanted to hear the truth, and so it is that I YHVH have caused them to believe a lie; and many, many, many of My people will succumb to the father of lies rather than embrace He Who is the truth.

Yea, My Daughter, it is the day of My greater sifting in the earth, when I YHVH will try the hearts of My people to see Whom they will serve, and so shall it be a day of great trial when men's hearts shall fail them and many shall fall by the wayside because they could not stand against the swelling tide.

Truly, My people are a foolish lot and have acepted for themselve a beggarly life in comparison to what I offer them. They are a stubborn, rebellious, hard-hearted lot that refuse to believe My word and walk in it.

Yea, My Daughter, many shall fall in this day and fall hard because their deeds were evil; and so shall many mourn, for it is the day of sorrows when I YHVH visit the earth. Yea, when Yahshua walked in the earth, He said, " For judgment have I come in the earth.' Yea, He came to establish My righteous kingdom, but My people did not want it. So it was that the Son of Glory was crucified for seeking to save the lost, rescue the perishing, and heal the infirmed. Truly, the Son of Glory proved a more excellent way of living. He was the heavenly manna sent to feed the hungry and restore hope to a people who were bound by the curse of sin.

I say of a truth, My Daughter, very few will break out of the darkness in this day. Very few will set their face as a flint to follow and serve Me. So it is the day of the great divide when My people must choose life or death; and for many, the choice will prove their undoing. Yea, they shall be swept away by the refuge of lies, never to be seen or remembered again; and so, My Daughter, it is the day of decision for My people. Yea, it is the day to affirm their allegiance, for a man cannot serve two masters; and those who expect to survive this day must circumcise their hearts and follow Me only; for indeed I YHVH am zealous for My people. Yea, I do not compromise. Therefore I require that a man serve and obey Me only.

Yea, sacrifice in this day will not bring My people into My kingdom, for the sacrifice has already been given- even Yahshua Messiah- and by His blood alone shall My people be spared. Yea, I say, there is yet too much flesh and blood in My people- yea, many warring factions in My family that must be put down. Yea, I YHVH cannot deliver and set the captive free where there is strife and animosity between brethren. These elements of the old order must bow down to the head-ship of Yahshua Messiah.

Truly there is no deliverance and no true liberty save through the Lamb of Calvary Who is the door to My kingdom. Yea, the way unto life and life immortal is simple, but the carnal man seeks to usurp the plan of YHVH for his own selfish purposes. So it is that many kingdoms shall fall in this day, and weeping and gnashing of teeth shall be heard, for the light is descening upon the darkness. Yea, evil is being swallowed up by the light that I YHVH might prove the excellence of My name in fulfilling all that I have promised.

Yea, I say, My little flock, Be strong and of good courage, for the battle is Mine. Yea, the victory is Mine and the glory. Therefore, Believe in Me and Whom I have sent, for therein is your salvation, saith your YHVH.

Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet:
and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.
Isaiah 28:17.


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