7/15/2022- 9:27 PM- Mary



Yahshua said, ‘Occupy ‘till I come,’ and so the day of occupation is here when those who are not occupied with Yahshua Messiah shall be blown away; for verily, the winds of My judgment are blowing in the earth. Yea, they are blowing, My Daughter, and many, many, many shall be blown away in this day for they were blow-hards, full of hot air; and so shall a man be known in this day by that which occupies him. Yea, it is written, ‘All flesh is as grass,’ and so the wind shall drive it away; and truly, My Daughter, many a man is driven by the flesh- yea, pursuing those things that pertain to the pleasures of the flesh, and for this reason most shall perish in this day. Yea, most shall come to a bitter end, for the desire of their hearts was to please their fleshly appetite.

Truly, My Daughter, My people are a sorry lot. They talk about traitors in the earth, decry the injustices inflicted on them by treacherous, evil men, and bemoan their sorry state and that of the world; but what about Me, My Daughter? What about Me? My people have forsaken Me! Yea, they are traitors to the Most High. They hate Me without cause, denying Me My rightful place in their lives.

Truly the hidden man of the heart shall be revealed in this day- even the man of sin, the son of perdition. So shall all darkness come to light, and all things hidden be revealed.

Yea, men talk about revelation and ponder that which I showed to John the Beloved, but I say, My Daughter, very few have revelation of Yahshua Messiah. Yea, very few know Him, and so shall they be found wanting in this day. Yea, they shall ‘come up short’ as they say in the world. Therefore watch those who are naked in this day, being devoid of the garment of My salvation.

Yea, in this day shall a man be known by his occupation and that which he wears, for truly it is the day of distinction, the day of discrimination, when I YHVH will expose a man for what he is; and yea, what I expose no man can deny or cover up. So it is that I will deal with those who deny Me and refuse to do My will, for they are traitors to Me- yea, judases that betray Me. Truly, My Daughter, I am tired of traitors. Yea, I have been betrayed many, many times, and truly the time is come when I shall judge the judases; and so shall there be great weeping and gnashing of teeth even as Yahshua spoke; for verily, My Daughter, My people have gone a-whoring after many strange gods and polluted My sanctuary. Shall I not avenge, saith YHVH? Shall I not bring judgment against My rebellious household?

Yea, I come with a sword to rightly divide and conquer. I come to bring variance against a man and his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.’ Did not Yahshua say that it would be so and that a man’s greatest enemies would be those of his own household? Yea, My Daughter, I have been the enemy of My people for thousands of years, and it has grieved Me so. Yea, I have wept many tears and suffered untold agonies because of the waywardness of My people. Truly Yahshua knew the depth of My heartaches when dared to speak the truth.

Yea, it is written, ‘The heart is deceitful and wicked and who can know it?” Yea, Yahshua knew the hearts of My people and knew their thoughts that they were not toward Me. Where did this get Him but crucified as a liar and blasphemer. Woe be to those who follow in His footsteps, for My people have not changed. They are still a stubborn, rebellious lot who want no part of Me and My kingdom. They want to serve other gods rather than Me. So it is that I will deny them entrance into My kingdom in this day, for only the pure in heart shall see Me, and only the meek shall inherit the earth.

Yea, My Daughter, My people have a lot of repenting to do if they expect to survive this day, for I YHVH am coming in fierce anger to destroy and cast down. Yea, the fire of My judgments shall fill the earth in such a way that men will fear, for the very foundations of the earth shall shake. Yea, in the earth they say,’ Shake, rattle, and roll’, and so shall many be shaken and rattled at what I YHVH now do; for it is time, yea, it is time, My Daughter, to visit the earth and show the world who is who; and yea, in the end all will know that I alone am sovereign. I alone am the I AM THAT I AM, and My glory I will not give to another.

Therefore let every man fear Me only, My Daughter, that he might be spared in this day; for truly I will not spare My sword nor relent in My judgments. Yea, I come quickly, My Daughter. Yea, I come quickly. Therefore let every man be occupied with Me only lest he perish, for I am zealous, saith YHVH, for My people Ishrayah.


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