Prophetic Warning

3/16/2022- 3:02PM- Mary



Yea, I am mightily with you, My Daughter, and you must remember this, for the days are evil- yea, very evil- so evil that a man could not imagine; and so it is, My Daughter, that I must step in. Yea, I YHVH must put a stop to the evil devices of men before they destroy the earth; for truly the earth is in her final days of travail. Yea, she is heaving and sighing. Her pains are intensified, for it is the time of delivery- yea, when a new heaven and new earth will be born; and so it is a day like never before as the earth trembles and quakes and the foundations and fountains of the deep groan and roar with mighty upheavals. Truly, who shall stand before Me in this day, saith YHVH, and endure the pain of childbirth as the sons of YHVH come forth?

Yea, suffering and trials shall be mangified in this day and only the strong in YHVH shall stand. Yea, they shall abide the days of My fierce indignation and wrath in the earth- yea, the day of burning, the day of My righteous visitation that shall be as hot as a furnace that is heated seven times hotter- yea, fervent heat shall melt many.

Yea, destruction comes, My Daughter. Destruction comes. Tell My people to prepare- yea, prepare to meet Me, for none shall stand save those who walk in My righteous fire. Yea, it will be a day of fire vs. fire and only those who discern fire from fire shall survive. Yea, they shall not be consumed, for indeed I YHVH come to harvest the tares- to burn the wood, hay, and stubble that My righteous seed alone can dwell in the earth. So shall I call upon the winds and the rain to descend and torrents to overflow, and so shall the wicked be consumed. Yea, they shall be swept away in the tide, never to be remembered again.

So it is, My Daughter, that the end shall be greater than the beginning, for the fulfillment is always the better portion, and blessed shall be those who with patience endure to the end, for they shall behold Me in all My glory!

Yea, it is a great day, My Daughter, for those who have weathered many trials that they might partake of My glory, and so shall My faithful ones enter into their rightful inheritance, world without end.

Yea, blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see Me and no more suffer the indignities of the fallen flesh. Yea, I shall heal them by My mighty hand, and they shall rise like eagles to soar the greater heights of My kingdom.

Yea, My Daugther, new and better days are at hand- even at the door. The windows of heaven are open and the showers of blessings have begun. Therefore encourage yourself in My word and be not entangled with the bondage of the flesh. Yea, I come to deliver and set free, to establish My name forever in the earth, and who shall hinder? Yea, I AM THAT I AM and I will prove Myself faithful unto My little flock in this day. Yea, I shall prove Myself faithful. Watch and see what I will do, saith your YHVH.


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