6/5/21- 7:04PM- Mary

Yea, My Daughter, the flood gates have opened. Yea, the flood gates have opened, and it is the day when My people will either sink or swim, for the red tide is in the earth; and yea, it is rising, rising, and great shall be the swelling. Yea, it shall cover the earth, and woe to those who are not anchored in Me, for the swelling shall be mighty and swift. Yea, high tide, high tide. In the earth they say, 'It is high tide,' and so shall the tide be in this day as the forces of darkness cover the earth in new measure so as to drown the inhabitants of the earth. Mighty shall be the movement of water. Mighty shall be the flooding of the land. Yea, it is said, "Watch the water," and it is so, My Daughter; for it is the day of much water when the out-pouring of the great YAH-YHVH shall fill the earth. Yea, I have long-awaited this day, My Daughter, when I would deliver My people and destroy their enemies; for indeed the hand of the wicked has been very great- yea, very, very great- so great that no man could imagine. Nevertheless, the evils that men do shall be cut off- yea, cut off at the pass as they say; for they shall have no escape from the hand of the great YAH-YHVH Who made heaven and earth and all therein; for truly, My Daughter, there are many worlds which My hands have made- yea, many worlds that I have ordered and established for My purposes, and My people must understand that I am very great- yea, very, very great and can do anything.

Truly this is the day of My new creation when the worlds will be restored by My mighty hand; and yea, it shall be a day of consternation as I YHVH bring about My strange work and My strange act; for there are many strangers in the earth that do not My bidding; and so shall they be swept away by the tide- yea, the great tide of the great YAH-YHVH as it rises in the earth. Yea, I shall cause the waters to overcome many peoples and great shall be the cleansing of the earth as it was in the days of Noah when I YHVH opened the reservoirs of the earth and out of the deep flowed many waters. Yea, this opening has now begun in new measure, My Daughter; for I will come as the Destroyer and the Devourer. Yea, I shall come as a mighty warrior to defeat the enemies of My people and just as Pharaoh of old sought to defeat My people, so shall the pharaohs of this world be consumed. Yea, they shall drown even as in the days of old, for My waters are not ordinary waters- yea, they are of My Spirit that goes forth to build up and tear down. They are of such substance that no man can withstand, and so shall I prove the excellence of My name- yea, the greatness of the great YAH-YHVH to defeat His enemies. Of a truth, My Daughter, I shall defeat My every foe in this day and prove My faithfulness unto My people- yea, My little flock that I have in the earth; for truly no man can fight this battle. Yea, this battle is Mine alone, and I am well able to accomplish all that I have spoken.

Yea, My Daughter, it is the day of fulfillment. It is the day of completeness and consummation when all shall be rolled into one- the ages upon the ages being folded together, world without end. Yea, My Daughter, it is a great day for My people, a day like never before when all that I have promised shall come to pass. Yea, many of My own saw this day afar off, but it was not for their time; for I YHVH have reserved it for a generation to come that would behold the manifestation of that which I purposed- even the redemption of My seed that I planted in the earth as an eternal witness of the great I AM. Yea, My Daughter, many come in My name, but they are not My seed and so there is great war inthe earth; but there comes a day when war will cease and the rest of the ages shall be given to My own who have been faithful to stand with Me and be proven in My refining fires. Yea, Malachiah of old foretold of that day when I YHVH would visit the earth; and so that time is here. Yea, the day of fire and burning, the day of commotion and consternation has arrived. The great and terrible day of YHVH as spoken to Joel of old is here. Yea, My prophets have borne My word unto My people through the generations, but few have hearkened. Few took My words to heart. Nevertheless I have always worked with the few and not the many. This is the pattern of the generations, and so the pattern is true to this day.

Yea, My Daughter, the waters are rising, and the fire of YHVH is lit in the earth, and few there are who discern the times and seasons of the great YAH-YHVH, Maker of heaven and earth. Yea, My Daughter, I am making new heavens and a new earth such as no man can fathom, for truly I am great- yea, very great- and that which is laid up for My faithful few will be marvelous indeed- 'out of this world' as it is said. Therefore, be encouraged, My Daughter, that I am mightily with you and, true to My word, I have reserved the best wine until the end. Yea, I love you, saith your YHVH.


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