6/6/21- 10:16AM- Mary

Yea, My Daughter, there is much that I would tell My people, but they will not listen. They are deaf. They have turned a deaf ear to Me, refusing to hearken to My voice, and truly, it has always been so. I have raised up prophets to speak for Me, but they have been scorned and turned away by a stubborn, rebellious, gain-saying people. Yea, many were sorely treated, afflicted, and put to death, because My people did not want to hear what I YHVH had to say. What is a Father to do? Yea, I have long suffered the indignities and injustices of My people who say that they love Me but refuse to do My will. Yea, they have many idols in their hearts that draw them away from Me, idols that please the flesh and not My Spirit. Truly My people are dead. They worship dead gods and bow down to them daily. They listen to false prophets who speak smooth words, words that that please the flesh and not the Spirit.These I did not raise up nor did I send them into the earth to deceive My people, yet My people will listen to them and not Me. So it is the day when I will deal with the false prophet and all those who follow after them, for truly it is the day of My vengeance, when I shall divide light from light and darkness from darkness, for light cannot dwell in darkness nor darkness dwell in light. So it is that the day of exposure has come when I YHVH will expose the workers of darness and bring their evil deeds to light. Yea, I will overturn, overturn, and overturn even as I said that I would until all enemies become My footstool; for indeed every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that I YHVH alone rule over all. I alone am Sovereign, and there is none beside Me!

Yea, I did not send Yahshua into the world for naught. He paid a high price to defeat all the enemies of My people. He put all powers of darkness under His His feet, and My people must realize this and learn to do this, also. Yea, it is truly the day of overcoming, rising above the evil tide that swells in the earth, moving, ever-moving to consume everything all flesh. So it is that My people must learn to discern light from light that they might withstand this day of darkness in the earth. Truly he who overcomes shall inherit all things even the secret things of the Most High. Nevertheless, it shall be a battle of battles as the battle presses to the gate.

Yea, My people must take My word seriously, otherwise they will nto stand in this day; for the heavens shall melt with fervent heat and the earth, also. Great shall be the upheavals and mighty the changes that will come forth in the earth, I say; for I YHVH am doing a new thing and it is marvelous to behold; and those with eyes to see and ears to hear shall know and understand what I am doing. Yea, to the faithful who endure to the end, the same shall be saved as if by fire; for it shall be a terrible day like none other that has gone before.

Therefore, warn My people, My Daughter, to humble themselves before Me and repent of their stubborn, rebellious ways and seek Me while I may be found, for soon the door to My kingdom shall be shut and the day of grace end. Therefore, My people need to make haste while there is yet time to enter the ark of safety, even Yahshua Messiah.

So be it, saith your YHVH.


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