6/6/21- 10:57AM- Mary

My people must learn that I am all that there is. Yea, I AM THAT I AM, and there is none beside Me- none greater than the Great YAH-YHVH; yet many exalt themselves above Me as demi-gods, but these are deceived ones, being blinded by their own flesh that seeks to magnify itself above the Most High. These are deceivers that walk in the earth, seeking to deceive in order to rule over the inhabitant of the earth; and so those who are deceived by the deceivers shall fall into the pit and be consumed. for the blind cannot lead the blind into My kingdom, for darkness cannot dwell with light, and so the battle rages as the deceivers are found out, and those whom the have blinded start to see the light. Truly it is a hard thing, My Daughter, to open the eyes of the blind, for most are entrenched in darkness, being steeped in vain words and imaginations of their own hearts. Many shall perish, for they believed a lie- yea, many lies- because they refused Yahshua Who is the truth. Verily He came to divide light from darkness, truth from error that My people might enter into the blessed times of My kingdom.

Truly, My Daughter, there are far too many little gods walking around in the earth, and it grieves Me. What is the Great YAH-YHVH to do with all those who strut around, thinking that they know it all? Yea, I shall judge the unrighteous judges, and those who lord it over others for the sake of their own gain.

Yea, the kingdoms of man are coming down. Yea, they are falling quickly, for the fan is in My hand, and I shall not relent until all of My enemies are put down. So it is the day of My consuming fire when I shall fan the flames of My righteous judgment in the earth, and all those who confess not that I YHVH am above all shall be taken out as tares, for they do not enter My kingdom.

Yea, it is the day of weeding out and throwing the wood, hay, and stubble onto the fire, never to be remembere again; for truly I YHVH will prove in the end that the flesh profits nothing- yea, no man has anything unless I give it, and My people would do well to learn this. Nevertheless, My people are slow learners, and it has always been so. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity, said the preacher long ago; but My people have yet to learn their lessons and walk in My light.

Yea, it is written, As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Truly I am searching the hearts of My people this day to see who will bow before Me and serve Me only. Truly I shall try the hearts and reins of My people to see what manner of substance is within. Of a truth, many, many, many of My people are full of dead men's bones, and for this cause they shall perish. So shall the end of a man be bitter, for he was deceived by his own soul, and therefore forfeited the blessings of My kingdom.

Yea, warn My people, My Daughter, to repent and seek Me only, for time is short when I shall close the door to the ark- even Yahshua Messiah.

So be it.