Great shakings have begun


Before I received this word, Father picked me up in the Spirit to where I was looking down on the earth and saw mighty winds swirling all over it. There was a significant concentration of these winds over Europe. This vision lasted all day and into the night.- Mary

8/13/21- 8:30PM

Yea, My Daughter, I am mightily with you in all of your ways, and you must remember this, for the days are very evil...yea, so evil that no man can know; and truly if I did not shorten the time, no flesh would be saved. So it is the day when I shall deal with the flesh of My people, for My people are yet fleshly, bound by the dictates of their flesh and not My Spirit. Thus I will shake a man, and yea, I will shake nations and humble those who say that they are Mine but know Me not. Yea, I shall visit the waste places and bring forth My judgment. Yea, mighty shall be the shakings.

Truly, My Daughter, the shakings of YHVH have barely begun...yea, barely begun; for I YHVH have seen the wickedness of this world and I shall judge. Yea, I shalll come as the righteous judge to consume and destroy that which will not bow the knee to me and acknowledge that I alone am the Most High Who rules the universes.

Yea, watch, My Daughter, at what I will now do, for My move shall be very great...yea, very terrible. I shall come as a mighty wind and fire. I shall consume all that is in My path, for it is the day of My vengeance in the earth when I shall repay a man for the error of his ways, and truly many shall weep and wail when their debt payments come due. Yea, what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Yea, many have sold their souls to the devil and now the devil wants his due. Yea, who shall pay? Who shall lend? Yea, I have told My people to neither lend nor borrow from the wicked, but they have defied My word. They are drowning in debt, being destroyed by the money changers. Yea, the time has come to give the devil his due. Therefore My judgment is upon the debtor, and what shall he do? Truly the love of money has wasted the world. So it is that great judgment now falls on the bankers and all those who have profited from the enslavement of My people. Yea, My judgment shall be swift and complete. Verily, what I do shall send shock waves around the world, and many shakings shall eventuate. Yea, there shall be many after-shocks; for I YHVH will put an end to the unjust balance and those who perpetuate a false measure. Yea, I shall come in fury like a whirlwind from the north and descend upon the globe, and many shall fear...yea, be terrified; for I YHVH HAVE HAD ENOUGH of the injustices that have been perpetrated against My people and I shall recompense the gross evils of the wicked who seek to annihilate My seed from the earth; and the judgment that I pronounce against them shall be very, very great that no man can imagine; for truly I AM YHVH the ALMIGHTY POWERFUL ONE, and there is nothing that I cannot do. Yea, I formed the heavens and established the earth and all therein, and for this cause I bow to no man, neither do I share My glory with another.

Therefore watch, My Daughter, at what I will now do, for many shall be amazed, for I will move in such a way as to bring about the deliverance of My people even as I have promised. Truly I have waited for this day a long, long time...yea, a very long time...and have travailed for the needs of My people. Now I shall move and what I do shall be very great with many upheavals; and My people must prepare to ride the waves and hold on to Me lest they perish; for it will not be a day for the faint-hearted. Yea, My people must stand strong upon My word and allow Me to do what I must in order to deliver them from the clutches of the evil one. Yea, the roots of the wicked run deep, and up-rooting them will bring much confusion and consternation in the earth; but those with eyes to see and ears to hear will know and understand what I YHVH do.

Yea, I will reveal Myself to those who who have been faithful to prepare to meet Me in this day, but those who have not prepared will be consumed by the hardness of the way, for they have desired a smooth word. So it is that many will perish in this day, never to be remembered again for they were as clouds without water, floating aimlessly here and there without regard for the great YAH-YHVH. So it is that the curtain will fall upon those who acted apart from Me, seeking the applause of men. Woe shall be their inheritance. Death shall be their wages.

Therefore, My Daugther, tell My people to fear Me only, to have no other gods before Me; for a divided heart cannot go into My kingdom. Truly in this day I require all from My people, and if they are not willing to give Me their all, they shall perish; for truly a man cannot serve two masters otherwise he will love one and hate the other. So it is that I shall try the hearts of My people to see whom they will serve. Yea, I shall prove them in My righteous fire to see who shall stand before Me. Yea, I AM THAT I AM AND I WILL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME! Therefore the wicked shall not stand in the judgment nor sinnners in the congregation of the righteous. Blessed is the man who seeks Me in this day that his life might be preserved unto the end. Yea, My Daughter, I come quickly. Behold, I come quickly and will not delay, saith your YHVH.


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