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Upon waking this morning YHVH showed me the East Coast of America. Large waves were rolling continuously upon the entire shoreline (a tsunami?). This vision lasted all day. - Mary

8/14/21- 11:45PM

Power. People want power. So it is that I will show them power, for I am YHVH, the Omnipotent, the All-Powerful One, and in this day I shall show My power like never before that the inhabitants of the earth will have no doubt that I AM THE GREAT I AM Who made the heavens and the earth and there is no one beside Me. Yea, I shall move mountains in this day and stir the seas and cause all manner of shakings in the heavens and in the earth; for truly I shall turn the world upside down and inside out that I might prove My glory. Yea, I am sick of those who claim to have great power and boast of their accomplishments. I say of a truth, can anyone out-do the great YAH-YHVH? Is anyone greater or more powerful than the great I AM? Yea, I have had enough of those who wield power over the innocent and make unrighteous decrees. Therefore I shall wield my sword in this day and show My power unto the stubborn and rebellious who dare to judge unjustly and shed innocent blood. Yea, I shall make war, saith YHVH. With a glittering sword I shall slay giants, and they shall fall to the earth never to rise again. Yea, deadly blows. Watch for deadly blows for even now My sword goes forth to conquer. Yea, like a mighty warrior I arise to slay and cut down the wicked and make an end of those who have long sought to destroy My seed in the earth.

Yea, My Daughter, it is the day when I shall remove the tares in great number. Yea, watch My words, for it is even now happening. Yea, many shall drop like flies for they were of Beelzebub, the lord of flies; and so shall the end of the flies be very great. Yea, plagues, pestilence, and famine shall ravage the land and great woes ensue; for the reward of the wicked is destruction, and so they shall have it: blood upon blood; flesh upon flesh shall be their portion. They shall eat one another and yet not be satified.

Yea, My Daughter, it is the day for My people to hide in Me for I am their only hope. I alone can take them through this day of storm that now rages in the earth; for verily I am wrestling with the principalities and powers of the air and spiritual wickedness in high places. Truly this battle will never be won by man's power but My power alone; and My poeple must remember this. Yea, My people must learn the art of war My way; and so shall they be proven by My word in this day, for truly they have My word as My promise of deliverance, but they must take Me at My word and prove it daily if they are to live.

Yea, My Daughter, the slaughter of YHVH shall be very great this day even as it is written, for all that I have spoken I shall fulfill; for I AM THE I AM OF MY WORD and all that proceeds out of My mouth I perform. Truly My people must learn My word in new measure this day for it is the power unto life; and yea, only those who live by My word shall be able to withstand the demands of the day, for each day will require a deepr walk in Me. Yea, I showed this truth to Ezekiel of old when I caused him to walk into ever-deeper waters. So it is that in the earth they say, 'Watch the water,' and it is so, for the waters are rising, rising, and who can swim? Who will drown?

Truly, My Daugther, it is not a day to fool around and play in the water, for the destiny of nations and peoples is at stake. Yea, the furture of My kingdom on earth is even now being weighed in the balance. Truly the unjust war against the just. Therefore it is not the day to be faint-hearted but to rise up and conquer in My name, for I alone can win this war. Yea, the battle has been Mine from the beginning with only a minute few who would stand with Me. Of a truth, I cannot win this war alone, for I require My people to grow up and become true warriors for Me. Yea, is this too much for the great YAH-YHVH to ask? Truly I formed a family in the beginning to walk with Me and share in My splendours, but My family has turned from Me. Imagine how I must feel, being forsaken by My own. What is a Father to do? I have pleaded with My people for thousands of years, but they chose to ignore Me. Truly, I have been rejected over and over again by My people and have suffered long because of their waywardness. Now I can no longer tolerate being rejected. Yea, I shall judge and judge them severely for the time is short when I shall further establish My kingdom in the earth, and those who refuse to stand with Me shall perish by My sword. Yea, their destruction shall be swift and complete. Yea, it is written, 'What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul?' Truly My people are a wordly lot, and if they do not repent and turn to Me, they will perish, for truly I YHVH will rain down fire and brimstone as I did on Sodom and Gomorrah because of the gross wickedness of the people.

Yea, My people must remember that I AM VERY GREAT. I AM ALL POWERFUL and there is nothing that I cannot do. Yea, I shall shake the heavens and I shall shake the earth and all that is within that I might prove My glory; for truly, I YHVH will not give My glory to another.

Therefore let those who would be powerful beware lest they be smitten by the ALL-POWERFUL ONE even YAH-YHVH, for He does not share his glory with the vain glorious. Yea, they shall fall swiftly...yea, very swiftly, for My sword is in My hand, and I will not relent until I slay all of My enemies, saith YHVH.

So be it.


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