Resting in YHVH

Resting in YHVH, moving on forth-
Heeding His word unto ever new heights-
Indwelt in glory, new triumphs to view-
Eternity’s gates are opened unto you.

Promised releases now to be fulfilled-
Great new vistas, coming into view-
Many-membered body soon shall arise
To follow on in Yahshua, His will to do.

Counting the seasons, multiplied unto them-
Preparing in earnest for the times they are in-
Raising the standard of Yahshua their King,
They know none other, for He leads them through.

Awaiting His command, they move forward,
Heralding His day upon the earth-
A time appointed, YAH's Master Plan unfolds
To be fulfilled, according to His perfect will.

Knowledge to His faithful few increases
As they are trained by His Spirit alone-
Seeking His will, they are ready to move
In unison as the redeemed of I AM.

Keeping His commandments, they walk in His light
And His fire guides them through the dark night-
In His glorious presence they stand as one
As the times of YHVH descend over the land.

Eager to fulfill, they await their orders from above,
Heeding the still, small voice of Messiah this day-
Special assignments are now given to the few
Who hasten to accomplish all that He asks.

What a joyous day it will be
When I AM shall transform His faithful flock-
Releasing them from the natural to the spiritual-
Bodies redeemed in a glorious new birth.

This glorious transformation is essential
For the day of YAH's judgment descends-
But the light of Yahshua shall guide them,
Bringing great deliverance and healing to them.

New creations of glory now usher forth,
Manifesting in a minute few this day
Who have walked the upward pathway
Through Mount Calvary with Yahshua My Lamb.

Perfect atonement I bring unto them-
In heavenly attire My family is birthed-
Onward and upward, the dawn of a new age
Awaits the few who are joined in I AM.

Effulgent glory is released in these
Who have stood firm with Yahshua their King-
Nothing shall stop them as they come forth
As My manifested, new universe this day.

New heavens, new earth now revealed-
The firstfruits of a whole new race,
For through the conflict of the ages
The faithful few stand fast in their YHVH.

(Photo: Sunset on Lake Wesserundsett, Mary 2011)