There is a season of great economic distress

                Coming quickly and powerfully in the earth;

All systems of the world shall collapse in a day,

                Bringing forth a great standstill to all carnal flesh.


The hand of YHVH shall take care of His own,

                But the unprepared shall be seized with terror;

This restless throng shall have no peace or security,

For they know not Messiah and His word manifest.


There shall be shakings like never before       

                As homes are foreclosed and cars repossessed;

No jobs or food shall cause increasing unrest

                And mass bedlam shall arise across the land.


Most shall be restless and panic-stricken

                As I bring forth My greater woes upon America;

The righteous shall suffer with the unrighteous,

                But I YHVH will succor and protect My own.


My sheep shall know My voice and move on

Into refuge places which I have established for them;

Many, many, many who have been in the valley of decision

                Shall realize that it is now too late to prepare.


Keep faithful, My little flock, for I’ll care for you

                As this last great battle rages in the earth;

The advancing hordes of hell shall be the weapons

                That I shall use to humble My Ishrayah.


The throngs of the unrighteous shall be consumed

                As great plagues and diseases arise and torment;

Some will seek to die but will not be able,

                For YHVH’s judgment reigns over the land.


Let My word alone be your comfort and strength,

                For Messiah in you shall carry you through;

He knows His own as they overcome all

                And walk into His light and truth this day.


Those who know their Messiah shall be nurtured

                By Mother Jerusalem, the Breasted Nourisher;

The Spirit of wisdom comes to comfort My own

                And preserve them from all that could harm.


When the storm clouds gather, I YHVH shall reveal Myself

As the great warrior who cares for His obedient ones;

Yea, I give My own a time to repent and return

                Unto their great YAH-YHVH in this evil day.


Many are the great trials and fierce to overcome,

But I am come through Messiah to care for My own;

It is the terrible day of YHVH like none before

                And only those who are strong in Me shall endure.


I have a great and powerful victory for My own,

                A deliverance greater than in the days of Moses;

Anchor yourself in My word, Beloved, and let My Spirit abide

                In you to keep you in this dark day.


Watch and see, My Beloved, how I’ll move for My own,

                Leading them onward to prevail over all their foes;

I’ll hide My own in the shadow of their mighty YHVH,

My cloud shall descend to wholly protect My Ishrayah.


When I see the blood of My Son manifest in those

                Who have crucified the flesh and walk in Messiah-

Great shall be the power that I will manifest through them,

                For I YHVH am well able to take care of My own!


See how in a day I shall soon move for My Ishrayah

                As I come to remove the wicked from the earth;

Even as I consumed Pharaoh and his great army,

My move shall be greater than in any day before!


So rejoice in hope as this day ushers forth

                For I YHVH come to strengthen you for the test;

Come forward in joy amidst all tribulation and woe,

               Yea, I AM THAT I AM shall care for His own! 



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