3/28/98/ 9:35PM-12:10AM/ Mary

A NEW WAVE... A NEW WAVE...Yea, the winds and the waves of Yahweh are going forth in the earth, and I say, there is a great new wave...yea, A TIDAL WAVE OF MY SPIRIT that I now release in the earth. Yea, I say, the works of Yahweh are mighty to the tearing down of many strongholds; and yea, My winds are gathering forces: yea, some for good and some for evil; and truly, this is the day when My winds shall blow in the earth- yea, SPIRALING WINDS, SPIRALING WINDS. Yea, there shall be many great tornadoes; and yea, great devastation very soon; for there shall be strange winds of many kinds coming without warning, rising as it were from the earth and then settling down; and truly there shall be awesome winds- ones with great howling; and yea, there shall be mournful winds that sweep across the earth. Yea, watch Africa. Yea, watch Africa- for My hand is moving; and truly I am doing a strange work; and yea, the hour is come when My trumpet shall sound in the earth and I shall say unto the armies of Yahweh: It is time to move- yea, it is time to move; and yea, the hosts of heaven shall resound, for I am doing a new thing in the earth; and yea, in this dark day shall My light abound; and yea, the redemption of My own be made complete; for I say, My covenant with My Israel cannot be disannulled. Yea, the work that I have ordained cannot be stopped; and yea, the stone cut out of the mountain shall indeed crush the feet of Babylon; for I say, no flesh can stand in My presence; and yea, the uncircumcised shall not enter in to My goodly inheritance; for I say, My covenant was made with Abraham and His seed; and yea, the children of the promise are the heirs of salvation in this day; for truly My kingdom shall be established in this earth and all other kingdoms shall be destroyed, and no man shall glory except in Me; and yea, it shall be a mighty move of Yahweh that shall deliver His people in this day. Yea, I say, My Daughters, I have begun anew for you and I am opening up many new doors that you shall walk through; and yea, you shall it is I, your Yahweh, who is leading you and taking you on a new journey; for I say, I am bringing you into a new place in me- yea, a place where you have never been before and I shall reveal Myself to you in new measure; and yea, it shall be good for you. Yea, truly though these be evils days, yet shall I deliver My own by My mighty hand and they shall receive their goodly inheritance; for I say of a truth, I am releasing the curse of death from My people and yea, I shall give them a hunger to live, and yea, My Word shall become a great prize in the earth; for in this day shall many seek bread and not know where to find it. Yea, they shall seek sustenance and search; but I say, truly My Word shall become meat to feed the nations; and yea, I shall show forth the excellency of My Name by My Word, for I say, I AM THE WORD- YEA, THE LIVING WORD- and yea, there shall be those who shall be ready to hear My Words and obey Me- yea, seeing the goodness of My righteousness-yea, being glad to know My Son, Yahshua; and truly I shall do a new work in the earth. Yea, it is a time of new beginnings and new outpourings- a time when My faithfulness shall yet again be revealed unto My own- yea, unto those who have sought Me- and truly these I shall never leave alone nor forsake; for My arm is not short concerning My promises; and yea, I, Yahweh, shall accomplish much in this day to provide for My own; for I say, I shall preserve My righteous Branch and My faithful Bough; but I say, many, many trees shall be cut down in My day and thrown into the fire to be consumed by Yahweh Elohim; and yea in this day shall I descend in the earth to create a way for My own, giving them favor; for I always honor those who trust in Me, for My Word cannot return unto Me void; yea rather, I shall bring about mighty, mighty deliverance- yea, mighty, mighty works- that the glory of Yahweh might abound in the earth. Yea truly it is a marvelous day for those who seek Me, but unto those who seek Me not, it shall be a day of terror; for My hand shall not prosper the unrighteous nor shall it give favor or power to the unrighteous in the earth; and yea, My judgment shall fall in many high places very soon and many shall be amazed at what I do. Yea, watch Yeltsin and the Russian leaders. Yea, watch the stirring of the nations, for there shall be great conflict soon; for the winds of Yahweh are growing greater- yea, they are ascending and descending in the earth- and there shall be great and mighty changes taking place very soon. Yea, I say, you shall know it is My hand that moves for you; for in this day, none shall survive unless I, Yahweh, preserve; and the wise shall fear Me and do what I say; for it is better to obey Me than sacrifice. Yea, it is better to trust in Me than to rely on fools; and I say, many shall perish in this day. Yea, I am bringing My own into My kingdom by the narrow way, and it is a humble way- full of meekness and lowliness of heart; and yea, it is an all, new way beyond the veil of flesh. Yea I say, I am bringing you higher into a new dimension that I might prove My greater works unto you; for in all things, I will be preeminent and I shall rule and reign in the hearts of My own who have sought Me unto My eternal day; for truly the old is passed away and all things are new, and the judgments of Yahweh are made perfect in the earth. Yea, the kingdom of Yahweh Elohim is being established in His own- world without end- that the righteousness of the Father might once again be regenerated in His own who are called after Him as His issue, fulfilling His covenant even unto the end that He might begin anew; for I say, this is the hour of His New Jerusalem- His City set on a hill; and truly His City is eternal- made without hands- adorned as a Bride; and yea, even so it is His City come. Yea, many secrets of My Word shall now be revealed unto My own who have awaited their transformation and their translation and their transfiguration, for I say, My work is three-fold; and yea, I shall fully restore My kingdom unto My Israel. Yea, it is a great day for My own- yea, a great day; and I shall multiply My works in many new ways. Yea truly, I shall part many waters for My own and give unto them the goodness of the land that I might prove once again that I am the faithful El of Israel. Yea, be watchful in all that you do, knowing that I, Yahweh, go before you; for My days are quickened in the earth and I do a mighty work. Yea, I shall guide you in all that you do and make Myself known unto you. Yea, it is true I have sent some to help, and I will show you what great things I will do; for I have a work even in these who are destitute; and yea, My work shall have many faces and take on many new forms, and you shall see My hand bring together many new situations. Yea, there is coming to pass a mighty shaking in the earth. Yea, I say, I shall deal with China very soon; for this is a fierce nation that has long sought to dominate the earth and destroy My people; and I say, these people have done much to destroy this nation, and they shall be dealt a very swift blow very soon; for I say, the Asian markets shall fall- yea, they shall fall; and many shall not know what to do. I say, the days shall be perilous. There shall be a time of national disaster, and I say, this shall happen soon. I say, you will know when it will happen, for I will tell you, and you will be prepared; for I say, I will cause all things to be in readiness for you. Yea, many shall not know the day nor the hour, but I shall speak to you in all matters that concern you; for I say of a truth, YOU MUST ALWAYS THAT I AM WITH YOU. THERE SHALL BE MANY, MANY PEOPLE THAT SHALL NOT SURVIVE, BUT I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. THESE DAYS COMING UP ARE MOST CRUCIAL. many ARE UNAWARE OF A STRIKE AGAINST THIS NATION. many DO NOT THINK THIS COULD BE, BUT I SAY: BE PREPARED, BE PREPARED. BE PREPARED IN YOUR SPIRITS, KNOWING THERE IS GREAT DANGER AFOOT; AND YEA, I AM TELLING MY PEOPLE TONIGHT, BE PREPARED. Yea, the hour has come for the military and the militia and for the great armies in the earth; and yea, I say, the forces of evil have been preparing this day for a long time, and they are waiting to strike and they shall strike soon. I AM TELLING MY PEOPLE TONIGHT: BE PREPARED. Yea, it is not enough to know that the times of Yahweh are in the earth; yea, I am requiring My people to be finely tuned and to be in direct touch with Me; for I say, EACH MUST KNOW HOW TO HEAR ME AND KNOW WHAT TO DO; for it shall be a matter of My direction at all times; for I say, I must have an army that is fully prepared to move according to My will, and I AM TELLING MY PEOPLE TONIGHT: BE PREPARED. Yea, the days are evil and amongst this evil I shall move; and yea, you shall see very shortly how I , Yahweh, am beginning to unravel this beastly system of man in the earth; and you shall see the towers of Babylon come down and might men with them. Yea, here a little - there a little- it shall be done. Truly it shall be a time of swift judgment for the nations of the earth. I say of a truth, My judgment upon the nations shall be complete. Many shall not know or understand all that I do, but I SHALL SPEAK TO YOU AND TELL YOU THOSE THINGS THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW; FOR I HAVE GIVEN YOU THE VOICE OF JOHN GOING FORTH IN THE WILDERNESS, PREPARING THE WAY FOR MY SON, YAHSHUA, AND LIKE A TRUMPET, I SAY, SHALL YOUR VOICE RESOUND; AND YEA, MY MESSAGE SHALL CONTINUE TO BE: PREPARE, PREPARE. YEA, PREPARE- I AM COMING SOON. Yea, I shall pick you up and take you to many places and you shall speak My Word. Yea, you shall give forth My warning, and you shall call forth the hosts of Yahweh to engage in many great battles; for this is the time when My saints shall judge the earth- yea, when I shall set up My judges in the earth; and they shall carry My just weights and balances; and they shall discern between good and evil; for I say, this is the age of the angel of light that is come to deceive, and many false prophets and teachers shall arise in the earth with great anointings- yea, some performing great miracles- and many shall be deceived; and I say of a truth, because the hearts of My people shall wax faint because of the fierceness of the day, many shall fall victim to mesmerizing spirits and reap for themselves great doom. Yea I say, many saviors shall appear in the earth, and these shall perform lying wonders to seduce the hearts of men; and I say, even the very elect would be deceived, if it were possible. I say of a truth, all hell shall break loose very soon, and true to My Word, I shall warn you; for I would that you might be prepared; for I am not the Elohim of deception, but I am the Elohim of truth; AND I AM WARNING MY PEOPLE TONIGHT: BE PREPARED. Yea, I shall reveal unto that which I should have you to do and I will speak to you in the morning season, in the night, and in the afternoon. Of a truth, I shall witness to your spirit what I would have you to do. DO NOT BE CONCERNED OTHER THAN TO HEAR MY VOICE AND DO ALL THAT I TELL YOU TO DO; FOR I SAY, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, AND I SHALL REVEAL MY PLAN TO YOU LINE UPON LINE. Yea, I am bringing forth a new day in the earth like never before and truly it is the time of My kingdom: that long-awaited day; and yea, My saints have long awaited this day for many, many years; and those living in the earth shall now witness this transition anew; for I say, much of My work has been hidden; and there have been many workings for many years to unsettle the great powers of darkness in these heavens and in the earth; and yea, the hour of My greater turning is here; and I say, many shall witness the overthrow of these mighty forces soon. Yea, IT SHALL BE AS A GREAT GIANT, FALLING IN THE EARTH- BOOM!- and great thunder shall be heard and the heavens shall roll and the earth, too, and many shall be astounded and astonished; and many shall be fearful; for I say of a truth, it is a terrible thing that I shall do; for I, Yahweh, create the light and I create the darkness and I create good and I create evil and I reward evil that men do and truly the day of Yahweh is one greatly to be feared; for there is a fierceness in My righteousness and a holiness in My indignation; and yea, I SHALL DO ALL THAT I HAVE SPOKEN, FOR I AM SOVEREIGN and I shall judge all the kings of the earth who have sought to walk in My shoes, exalting themselves in their own righteousness and making merchandise of the souls of men; and yea, I shall smite the giants in the land and all the kings who do wickedly, speaking swelling lies and making covenants with the devil; and yea, these shall receive My swift judgment very soon. Yea, know of a truth, My Daughters, I am moving mightily for you and I shall bring together the work I have given you to do; and yea, you shall be as My virgins prepared, having oil; for many shall seek oil and shall seek My anointing, but I say, there shall be many who shall face this day unprepared. IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR THEM TO PREPARE AGAINST THIS DAY, AND THEY SHALL PERISH AS THE FOOLISH ONES; FOR I SAY, THERE ARE THOSE WHO ARE CAUGHT UP WITH THE WORLD AND THEN THERE ARE THOSE WHO ARE CAUGHT UP WITH ME, AND TRULY MY PROTECTION AND THE POWER OF MY ANOINTING SHALL REST WITH THOSE WHO HAVE DILIGENTLY SOUGHT ME, FORSAKING ALL. Yea, I am gathering a people together whom I would call outcasts from the world, and these shall be those whom I will use to establish My kingdom; and yea, I have those whom I have been preparing over the years, and these shall now see a new release in the work that I have given them to do; and my people shall have willing heart to work together for the sake of My kingdom. Yea, do not be surprised at anything I will do; for it is the time of the unexpected and the unexplainable; nevertheless, I AM THAT I AM. I am the One who works His good pleasure in and through you, and all things are in My hands. Yea, I shall move for you and right soon; and many shall be amazed, for My work has been silent here for many years; and My voice has been shut up from My people, because they would not hear what I have given to you; nevertheless shall I begin anew, and open a new door for you to walk through; and yea, My voice shall be heard in the land like never before, and it shall BOOM, BOOM, BOOM; and it shall resound loud and clear; and My trumpet in Zion shall be heard all around; and yea, the camps of Elohim shall turn their ears unto Zion, for I say of a truth, I AM RESTORING MY PRIESTHOOD IN THE EARTH; AND YEA, I AM RESTORING THE WORK OF MY MINISTERS AND MY PROPHETS; AND YEA, THIS IS A GREAT WORK THAT HAS TAKEN MANY A YEAR TO DO; FOR TRULY MY MINISTERS AND MY PROPHETS- YEA, MY PRIESTHOOD- HAS ALWAYS BEEN AT THE VERY HEART OF ME; AND YEA, IT SHALL BE THAT WAY AGAIN; FOR I AM BRINGING FORTH A PEOPLE WHO HUNGER AND THIRST AFTER ME, DELIGHTING IN MY COMMANDMENTS AND MY TRUTH; AND YEA, I SHALL RAISE UP MY HOLY PRIESTHOOD IN THIS DAY. Of a truth, I am sanctifying My people and circumcising their flesh that they might be prepared in this day to meet Me; and yea, it shall be a day of thundering and a day of great lightnings; nevertheless it shall be My day to meet with My people, saith Yahweh; for it shall be a day of fierceness, but also a day of rest for My own. Yea, I, Yahweh, shall prove My mighty works unto My Israel, and in the end My own shall know the goodness of their Elohim to bring them home. Yea, truly My own have been pilgrims and strangers in this earth; nevertheless I shall remove the stranger from the land and create a new home for My own; and in the end, all shall rejoice and be glad. Of a truth, I am coming in new measure unto My own to fortify them for this day; and yea, the strength of Yahweh shall abide in those who trust in Him, for there shall be no other way. Fear Yahweh, all yea nations; for He is worthy to be praised; and yea, it is so; and the day of His great and mighty work is come in the earth. Yea, WOE, WOE, WOE. Yea, woe unto the rebellious; for the hand of Yahweh moves, and yea, He shall uphold His righteous Branch and His faithful Bough that He has planted in the earth; and these shall remain as His witness in the earth, but the unrighteous shall be removed- never to be remembered again- that the kingdom of Yahweh might abound. Yea, I say, I am doing a great, great work- yea, even this night; yea- a great work all around; and you shall know of the fruit of this work very soon; for I have much to reveal to you; and yea, I shall speak to you again very soon. Yea, I am going to build a mighty new work in this place, and I shall bring it to pass very soon. Yea, be encouraged and move ahead as I show you to move, for it is the hour of My greater move. Yea, My encampment is ‘round about in mighty proportion, for I have sent the hosts of Yahweh to protect you and yea, the hosts of Heaven are fighting for you. Yea, there are great and mighty forces coming against you, but I SHALL STEM THE TIDE, FOR I AM THE ELOHIM OF THE WATERS THAT THEY SHALL NOT OVERFLOW YOU. Yea, I shall bring you through- over to the other side; for this is My promise, and yea, YOU MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER MY PROMISE: I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. YEA, DO NOT BE CONCERNED ABOUT ANYTHING. YEA, TRUST IN ME AND STAND ON MY WORD. LOOK UP UNTO THE HILLS FROM WHENCE COMETH YOUR HELP, FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NIGH. YEA, I AM WITH YOU. YEA, I AM WITH YOU, SAITH YOUR YAHWEH. I AM WITH YOU. GOODNIGHT.

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